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City of Prospect has taken a number of important and proactive steps to protect our community and staff as we face this unprecedented situation of the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide Public Health Emergency.

We need to take all reasonable steps available to protect our community, our Elected Members, our staff and volunteers (and their families) against the spread of this infection while ensuring we deliver services as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible.

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City of Prospect promotes a safe environment for the community.

By parking correctly and observing traffic and parking signs, you can help to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Council is obligated by law to manage parking, and at times may issue expiation notices for offences under the Australian Road Rules.

Council's community safety officers will educate motorists when the opportunity arises. The community safety team participates in a road safety education program for schools, including the state governments "Safe Routes to School" program. Many of our schools in the Prospect area have under gone specialized traffic management assessments, and Council has implemented changes to improve child safety around schools.

The changes include…

  • Installation of emu crossings
  • Better parking arrangements for parents
  • Drop off and pick up zones
  • New line marking
  • Clearer and more parking signage

On Street Parking

On street parking is available for all residents and members of the public. There is no priority for residents to park directly in front of their premises. People utilising on street parking just need to ensure they park legally and in accordance with the Australian Road Rules.

Residential Parking Permits

If a residential property does not have any car parking spaces, you are eligible to apply for a residential parking permit.

The application form is available to download via the link below.

Please note that an annual fee of $100 (excl. GST) applies to all Residential Parking Permits, as per Council's Fees and Charges Register.

Residential Parking Permit Area Application Form

Penalties and Payment

Under the Expiation of Offences Act, infringement notices don’t need to be attached to vehicles. Details of the offence may be taken and an expiation notice posted to the registered owner of the vehicle. On occasions, it is not safe for a community safety officer to place a notice on a vehicle for various reasons. These may include heavy traffic conditions, the offender may have driven off before the notice could be placed, or adverse weather conditions which may endanger the safety of the officer.

Late fees may be added to any expiation if payment is not made within 28 days. Failure to pay an expiation to Council may result in the expiation being referred to the Magistrates Court where further penalties may apply.

If you believe the parking fine issued is incorrect, unfair, or where there is a legitimate reason to have been illegally parked; an application for waiving the offence can be lodged (with supporting evidence) in writing. You can download an application for waiving of a parking fine below:

Application to Waive Parking Expiation

Payment for parking offences may be made via Online Payments, by mail, by phone or in person at the Council Offices.

All fees associated with offences against the Australian Road Rules are determine by the State Government and reviewed on an annual basis. Councils do not set or have input into the fee structure. If you’d like more information, you can visit the Fines Unit website.

Information about Parking Signs and Restrictions

Schools and other No Stopping Area

City of Prospect has six schools in the council district. At all schools you will find a No Stopping area or an area with parking restrictions during school hours. Drivers parking in restricted areas may cause blind spots for other motorists and create dangerous situations for school children.

Please pay special attention to dropping off or picking up people in areas that are marked with a continuous yellow edge line. Motorists can not stop on a continuous yellow edged line. Drivers should avoid obstructing crossing places or entrances as this may impede movement of vehicles.

Nature Strips and Footpaths

Driving or parking on footpaths may create a hazard to pedestrians. A parked vehicle on a footpath restricts access for pedestrians, particularly for those using prams, wheelchairs and other walking devices, including the visually impaired. Consideration must be given to the community to be able to walk the area without restrictions or danger.

Council nature strips usually have trees, lawns, mulch and watering systems. Parking on the nature strip may cause damage. Driving over gutters may cause cracking and dislodgement of concrete. The maintenance and repairs of nature strips and gutters costs rate payers a considerable amount each year.

Time Limit Zones

Time limit zones apply to some Council-owned car parks and streets. They have been set to keep car parks available for shoppers and residents and should not be used for all day parking.

Most time zones are located on the main roads and side streets off the main roads. Please check the signs carefully before parking. These zones are managed by Council safety officers daily.

Disabled and Permit Parking

In most car parks, around schools and some streets, parking areas are reserved for holders of a disabled permit. If you hold a disabled permit, the permit must be displayed on the vehicle.

Permits may be obtained from the Motor Registration Division of the Department of Transport.

Clearways and Bicycle Lanes

City of Prospect has many streets with bicycle lanes or clearways including:

  • Prospect Road
  • Main North Road
  • Churchill Road
  • Regency Road
  • Hampstead Road
  • Braund Road and
  • Fitzroy Terrace

Bicycle lane and clearway lane times vary, please ensure you check the signage whenever parking. Some bicycle lanes only operate during certain times of the day, which can be recognised by the addition of operating times to the sign. Any bicycle or clearway lane that does not have specific times on the sign, operates at all times. The regulations for both a Clearway and a Bicycle Lane are the same.

Motorists are not to stop or drive in these zones for any reason other than an emergency during the allocated times. The Clearways and Bicycle Lanes have been developed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. During the year 2005, the entire stretch of Prospect Road from Fitzroy Terrace to Regency Road was zoned a bicycle lane on both sides.

Bicycle lanes are set aside for the use of cyclists. They are marked with continuous painted lines on the roads. Signs are in place, and a bicycle symbol may be painted in the lane itself.

Bicycle lanes help cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to share the road with greater safety and allow a smoother traffic flow.

Parallel and Double Parking

A vehicle is not correctly parked if it is not aligned as closely and as practical with the line of the kerb. A vehicle must be positioned so it is not facing the opposite direction of traffic. Stopping a vehicle for the purpose to pick up or drop off passengers in between vehicles or in the centre of the road is double parking. This is a dangerous practice, and it is an offence.

Long or Heavy Vehicles

It is an offence to leave semi-trailers and trucks parked on any roadway within City of Prospect for longer than one hour if they exceed 7.5 meters in length or 4.5 tonnes in weight.

Abandoned and Impounded Vehicles

Although the Local Government Act 1999 has provisions for dealing with abandoned vehicles that have been left in the street, once ownership has been established these provisions may no longer be utilised by Officers.

For clarity, Section 237 states:

  1. that if a vehicle has been left on a public road or place, or on local government land for at least 24 hours, an authorised person may place a prescribed warning notice on the vehicle.
  2. After 24 hours has expired since the placement of a prescribed warning notice, an authorised person may have the vehicle removed to an appropriate place.

However sub-section (3a) states that a vehicle parked or left standing on a public road in a manner that does not contravene a law regulating the parking or standing of vehicles on public roads will be taken not to have been left on a public road for the purposes of subsection (1) unless the vehicle has, in the opinion of the authorised person, been abandoned.

If you would like any more information on any parking related matters within City of Prospect, please contact us by phone on (08) 8269 5355, or via email at