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City of Prospect has taken a number of important and proactive steps to protect our community and staff as we face this unprecedented situation of the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide Public Health Emergency.

We need to take all reasonable steps available to protect our community, our Elected Members, our staff and volunteers (and their families) against the spread of this infection while ensuring we deliver services as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible.

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Citizenship Ceremonies, and how we conduct them

Ceremonies are held regularly each year, and successful citizenship applicants and their family and friends are invited to participate in the celebration.

Application for Citizenship

Before Australian Citizenship can be granted, applicants must first apply to the Department of Home Affairs. For information on how applications can be lodged, please click here.

Once your application is approved, the Department of Home Affairs will notify you by mail, advising you of your Conferral Ceremony. They will also notify us that you are eligible to participate in a Citizenship Ceremony.

When is the ceremony?

City of Prospect performs regular Citizenship Ceremonies each year. The Department of Home Affairs issues invitations to eligible candidates, and Members of Parliament and Elected Members are also invited to attend.

What happens at the ceremony?

At the ceremony, successful applicants are invited to make the pledge of commitment before an approved conferring officer, usually the Mayor. With an occasion of such importance and joy like this, the Mayor of City of Prospect is usually asked to act as Conferring Officer.

City of Prospect recognises the importance of a Citizenship Ceremony and takes great pride in organising a formal, yet relaxed, enjoyable, and special occasion for applicants and their family and friends.

How long does it take?

Once your application is approved, the process takes between three to six months before the ceremony can occur. The ceremony itself runs for about two hours.

Where do I start?

In all instances, initial application enquiries should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs, by email at

To lodge a Citizenship application, please head to Or you can call the department on 13 18 80 (local call fee). Mail applications can be sent to:

Citizenship Section
PO Box 2399
GPO Adelaide SA 5001

Where can I get more information?

Department of Home Affairs
70 Franklin St Adelaide SA 5000
Tel: 131 880, Fax: 7421 7653

Australian Electoral Commission
Adelaide Branch 
Level 9, 1 King William St, ADELAIDE SA 5000
Tel: 132 326

Australian Passport Office
Commonwealth Centre
Level 5, 55 Currie St, ADELAIDE SA 5000
Tel: 131 232

Translating and Interpreting Service
Tel: 1800 280 203