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Which bin should I use?

Confused about what goes where?

Which Bin has an A-Z directory of common household items that assists you in knowing what item goes in ‘Which Bin’ and how to divert resources from landfill, transforming them into reusable and recyclable materials.

Waste bin (red lid)

Waste is something that is no longer useful or wanted, that cannot be recycled, reused, or recovered in anyway. The 140 litre waste (red lid) bin is collected weekly and should only be used for materials that CANNOT be recycled or composted. Any materials placed in this bin will be sent to landfill.

Waste items include:

  • Garbage bags
  • Disposable nappies
  • Foam/polystyrene (including food trays, meat trays and cups)
  • Broken glass, mirrors, light globes or window glass
  • Broken crockery and cutlery
  • Rags,  clothing, cleaning cloths, shoes and sponges
  • Rope, string, wire netting and hoses
  • Soft plastics, chips packets, lolly and chocolate wrappers (alternatively place in REDcycle Bin near you)

Please think carefully before placing items into the waste (red lid) bin, as materials placed in this bin will never be recovered. If items can be reused, repaired or repurposed before recycled (yellow lid bin) or turned into compost (lime green lid bin), then use these alternative options to reduce landfill (red lid bin).

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

The 240 litre recycling (yellow lid) bin is for all of your household recyclable material and is collected fortnightly. Material placed in this bin will be sorted and then used to produce new products, saving energy and natural resources.

To determine which week your recycling bin is collected, please refer to the collection calendar and map in the Kerbside Collection Calendar located under Related Resources to the right. Simply locate your street on the map to determine which collection week you are in.

Household items acceptable for recycling include:

Plastic containers

All household plastics that hold their shape including:

  • Drink bottles and containers
  • Detergent, cleaning product and spray bottles
  • Shampoo/conditioner and cosmetic bottles
  • Ice-cream, yoghurt and butter tubs
  • Meat trays and take away containers
Glass containers
  • Empty glass beverage bottles
  • Jars and condiment bottles
Aluminium and steel
  • Steel cans
  • Drink and food cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Telephone directories
  • Cardboard including cereal and food boxes
  • Office paper
  • Envelopes and mail
  • Empty pizza boxes and rinsed take-away coffee cups
  • All milk, fruit box and juice cartons etc.

Please don't place recyclables in plastic bags!

Some handy recycling tips…

  • Loose plastic and metal lids can be placed in the recycling bin
  • Labels are okay left on
  • Give containers a quick rinse, this helps prevent odours (use old dish-washing water, to save water)
  • Place all items loosely into your recycling bin

Click here to download the “Why Waste It? When You Can Recycle It” information flyer.

Top Ten Contaminants – Don’t let contamination make your recyclables go to waste!

Organics bin (green lid)

The 240 litre organic (lime green lid) bin is for all of your organic material including food and garden organics (FOGO). Materials placed in this bin will be sent to a commercial composting facility where it will be turned into nutrient-rich, high quality compost.

To determine which week your organics bin is collected, please refer to the collection calendar in the Waste Collection Calendar. Simply locate your street on the map to determine which collection week you are in.

Items suitable for the organics bin include…

  • Kitchen Organic material including all food scraps (in your Council supplied compostable bags)
  • Dairy, meats (raw or cooked), bones, fish, fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Eggs and oyster shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tea leaves and tea bags
  • Lawn clippings, leave and weeds
  • Cut flowers
  • Small cuttings, pruning, bark and branches that will fit into your bin
  • Dog and cat faeces (please place in compostable bag or news paper)
  • Saw dust
  • Hair
  • Untreated and unpainted timber

Items NOT accepted in the organics (lime green lid) bin…

  • No plastic bags
  • No household garbage
  • No painted or treated timber
  • No dirt, soil or sand
  • No plant pots
  • No stones, rocks, bricks or rubble
  • No garden hoses, string or rope

Remember, if it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t go…more information here

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