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Bees and Birds

Keeping Bees

In South Australia, any person who keeps honeybees must register as a beekeeper with Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA) every 12 months.

You must register regardless of the:

  • number of hives
  • purpose for keeping honeybees (i.e. you must register even if only keeping one hive in the backyard for interest)
  • type of hives (including: observation hives, nucleus hives, Top bar hives, Warre hives, and Flow hives).

For more information visit:

Residents in City of Prospect may keep bees so long as they prevent them from being a nuisance to neighbours or other members of the community.  For this reason, Council recommends residents who wish to keep bees on their property for non-commercial purposes to first consult with PIRSA and comply with any requirements they may have for the safe keeping of bees.

It is recommended that the number of hives is kept to a minimum, only one or two at the most and hives should be positioned away from neighbouring properties or local government land, for example:

Bees should not be kept in those parts of the area which are within 50 metres of:

  • Any building in the occupation of another person
  • Any street, road or public place
  • On any street, road or public place under the control of the Council.

The keeping of bees in any parts of the area should not result in a nuisance or danger to persons therein.

To prevent the keeping of bees in places where they may be a nuisance or danger to persons, and for the comfort and safety of the inhabitants of the area, the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016, provides Council with the responsibility to investigate and manage Local Nuisances.

Keeping Poultry

Poultry should be kept in a location, structure and condition that does not cause a nuisance to neighbours or other members of the community or be harmful to health in any way.

Maintaining clean, safe and sanitary conditions for poultry is important and birds should be contained in an area that:

  • Has a floor area of at least one square metre for each bird
  • Is provided with a shelter of solid construction with a rainproof roof and an internal floor surface constructed of or paved with concrete or other material approved by Council to a smooth, hard, impervious finish with a floor area of at least 0.3 square metres for each bird
  • Is maintained at all times in good order and repair, and in a clean and sanitary condition free from rats, vermin, offensive odours or conditions; and which is located:
  • Not less than 25 metres from the front boundary of the property
  • Not further forward on the property that the rear half thereof or the rear alignment of any house
  • Not less than one metre from any boundary of the property
  • Not less than 15 metres from any dwelling or one metre from a shed

Offensive conditions can occur when birds are kept in wet conditions, where kitchen scraps are dumped as feed or where manure is allowed to accumulate.

For these reasons it is recommended that birds are kept on dry ground, droppings and litter are raked and removed regularly and is placed in a location still be accessible by the birds but outside of the shelter.

A Guide to Keeping Poultry and Other Birds


Council discourages the keeping of roosters as invariably complaints regarding noise will result in the owner being required to remove the bird(s) if they cause justifiable nuisance.

No Animal or Bird to Be a Nuisance

Keeping animals or birds may result in nuisance complaints if certain conditions are not met or maintained.

When keeping poultry please consider and take steps to minimise the potential for nuisance due to:

  • The number of animals or birds being kept on the premises
  • The nature and location of housing facilities for the animal or bird
  • The noise made by the animal or bird
  • The dust or odour generated by the presence of the animal or bird
  • The attraction of flies, rats, mice or other vermin
  • The animal or bird not being adequately contained on the land
  • The animal or bird being allowed to wander or fly from or to land either alone or in numbers
  • Droppings emanating from the animals or birds

Council may investigate and take appropriate action if birds are found to be persistently creating a noise or nuisance to such a degree that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of others.

To lodge a Poultry/Pigeon complaint with Council please complete a Complaint Form here.

To lodge a Rooster complaint form with Council please complete a Complaint Form here.

If you have any queries around Animal Management within City of Prospect, please phone Council on (08) 8269 5355, or email us at