COVID-19 update

City of Prospect has taken a number of important and proactive steps to protect our community and staff as we face this unprecedented situation of the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide Public Health Emergency.

We need to take all reasonable steps available to protect our community, our Elected Members, our staff and volunteers (and their families) against the spread of this infection while ensuring we deliver services as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible.

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Work In Progress Report

This Work in Progress Report lists the progress of projects from the Council’s Annual Business Plan and the progress of the resolutions made by Council.

Recently completed matters are retained for information but greyed out to indicate completion.

This report will be updated monthly.

View the work in progress report here.

Should you require further information about any matter that is listed, please make your enquiry to:
City of Prospect Customer Service
Payinthi, 128 Prospect Road, Prospect
Monday to Friday (closed public holidays), 9am to 5pm
Phone: 8269 5355