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Public Art

Prospect's rich public arts past, present, and future

Prospect has enjoyed a reputation for being an arts centre and destination for many decades. With murals and street art aplenty,  City Of Prospect has much to discover and appreciate in the way of public art.

In 1978, a large group of volunteers formed the Prospect Mural Group. This group included local artist Ann Newmarch and painted many murals around the city. In a first for South Australia, Kathie Muir was appointed Community Arts Officer to the City of Prospect in 1982. Together with Ann Newmarch as Artist in Residence, they organised 'Where We Are', the inaugural Prospect Community Art Show, in Prospect Library.

With the popularity of these shows, Council saw the need for a formal gallery and built the Prospect Gallery in 1988.

Since way back when the Prospect Mural Group began their work in creating art for the public through-out Prospect in 1978, Prospect has flourished as a creative and artistic community full of life and strong ties. To encourage this, Council has initiated many arts projects and events with, and for the community.


Many of the Prospect Mural Group’s works are still standing throughout the Prospect Council area.  Active between 1978 and 1982, this group was driven by a strong social conscience and often incorporated this into their work through collaboration with school children and other local community groups.

Arts Path

In 1987, the Prospect Rotary Club set up a stall making clay tiles at a local Prospect fair. At many more fairs, clay tiles continued to be produced, with markings by individuals and groups. These tiles are still in place at various locations through-out the Prospect Council area.

Stobie Poles

City of Prospect's Stobie Pole Project began in 1983, and is now nationally-recognised as an esteemed arts initiative. Often working with residents, artists were encouraged to paint certain poles, and to this day residents can still apply to paint their Stobie pole. Many of the originally painted poles are still in place around the council area today. Unfortunately, some have been removed to allow electric cables to be laid underground.

Aerosol Art

Honeysuckle Lane in Prospect is home to some of Adelaide’s best and most unique legal aerosol art. Originally appearing in the early 1990s, and with several pieces on display today, these murals are constantly being renewed and new ones painted by anonymous street artists.

Since the conception of the Prospect Mural Group in the 1970s and their efforts to create and promote art throughout Prospect, City of Prospect has acknowledged the importance of, and actively encouraged all forms of permanent and temporary public art.

Public Art: Our Outdoor Collection

In 2020 we moved to showcase our Public Art collection online, ensuring that our community near and far could access the breadth of our collection at any time via Newmarch Gallery website. This online collection provides more information about the artist/s and specific information about each installation. Click here to access the collection.

If you would like more information on any of the public art throughout Prospect, or how to get involved, please contact the Gallery Coordinator on (08) 8269 5355, or email