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City of Prospect is cycle-friendly

Council has, for many years now, held the belief that cycling as a form of transport has many benefits and should be encouraged. From improved health, to easing of congestion, and less pollution, cycling is a great way to move around in City of Prospect, and Council has taken steps to ensure it always will be.

Bike Sharrows

Linemarking has been undertaken on Devonport Terrace, Prospect, between Pym Street and Torrens Road, as requested by the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The marking consists of symbols called 'bicycle sharrows’ which is a bicycle logo with two chevrons or arrows painted above it.

For more information contact Council’s Environment Department on (08) 8269 5355.

Cycling Routes to the CBD

To assist our residents find the best way of getting from City of Prospect into the CBD by bicycle, Council has developed a series of online cycling route maps. The online maps provide the potential cyclist with the option of choosing the fastest potential route into the CBD, or alternatively a quieter route into the CBD that utilises local roads, avoiding busy roads and intersections where possible.

The maps below also provide handy annotated tips to help residents navigate some of the trickier points of the journey. To view the cycle routes, please use the links below:

Route 1: Prospect Oval into the CBD
Fastest Route
Quieter Route

Route 2: Broadview Oval into the CBD
Fastest Route
Quieter Route

Route 3: Prospect Estate into the CBD
Fastest Route
Quieter Route

Another useful tool for the potential cyclist wishing to plan their cycling route is Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Cycle Instead Journey Planner. This interactive tool allows you to choose a variety of options that take into consideration fitness and confidence levels, road conditions and speed of travel.

Sign up for Cycling Courses

You are invited to participate in workshops designed to help you feel more confident on your bike. To register, please contact the Environment Department for more details.

Cycling Maps

Council has produced two unique cycling maps that seek to engage the community in cycling by experiencing the City of Prospect by bike. The two maps take the cyclist (novice to the experienced) along a journey of local history, public art, and recreational opportunities within the City. The routes focus on local road travel to enhance rider's safety and the enjoyment of the ride.

The Prospect Landscape and Memory Ride - From Park to Park

The Prospect Landscape and Memory Ride - In Search of Narnu Wirra

The maps take you along a journey of local roads with 'points of interest' described along the way. They encourage the rider to 'pause and play' at various playgrounds and open space. The two maps cover each part of the Council area, providing easy access to the routes for all residents or visitors to the area.

For any more information on cycling within City of Prospect please contact us by phone on (08)8269 5355, or via email at

Cycling in Prospect