City of Prospect tenders

Procurement is the process by which Council engages with suppliers to purchase goods and services, or supply of essential services.

Dependent on the need, Council manages procurement by different methods:

Request for Tender (RFT) – a formal offer open to the public to bid for the supply of specified goods, services or works, under specified terms. Open market.

Expression of Interest (EOI) – a formal invitation to prospective suppliers to provide information and opinions on the methodologies of meeting a specific need. Limited market.

Selective Engagement – this approach is used where knowledge of the marketplace exists, with a specified number of representative suppliers invited to tender. Selective market.

Section 49(a)(1) of the Local Government Act 1999 requires a framework of principles relating to procurement activities undertaken by the City of Prospect. These principles are outlined by Council’s Procurement Policy:

  • Value for Money
  • Open and Effective Competition
  • Ethical Behaviour and Fair Treatment
  • Probity, Accountability and Transparity
  • Risk Management
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Local Focus
  • Environmental Procurement

If you would like to view tender bidding opportunities with City of Prospect, please register as a member to view them through the Government Of South Australia website, Tenders on SA Tenders & Contracts. SA Tenders and Contacts is the central source for public procurement opportunities within South Australia. The site also provides details of South Australian Government awarded contracts for goods, services and works.

Welcome Prospect Program

City of Prospect is seeking to engage a local real-estate agency (Agency) to secure accommodation for French families and workers in Prospect via its Welcome Prospect Program. French families and workers coming to South Australia will on the whole only relocate for a maximum of 5-7 years and will be seeking rental accommodation rather than purchase properties. The selected Agency will coordinate other real-estate agencies in Prospect and offer only properties in Prospect.

This Expression of Interest (EoI) will seek to identify the Agency who can best coordinate other real-estate agents to let properties to French Families and workers. The selected Agency will ideally have the largest rental roll or access to the largest number of rental properties through arrangements with other agents.

City of Prospect invites interested real-estate agents to submit an EoI to act as a leasing agent to assist in attracting French Families and workers to rental accommodation in the City of Prospect. The EoI closes on the 21 December 2020.

You must demonstrate how you will collaborate with other real-estate agents.

The EoI will be assessed through a selection panel, against a number of criteria aligned with Council’s Strategic Plan and Creating a French Quarter Plan

For further information please contact Daniel Adams, Manager Economic Development, on 8269 5355 or at admin@prospect.sa.gov.au

View the Expression of Interest document here.

If you would like any more information on procurement and tenders with City of Prospect, please contact us on (08) 8269 5355 or email admin@prospect.sa.gov.au.