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We need to take all reasonable steps available to protect our community, our Elected Members, our staff and volunteers (and their families) against the spread of this infection while ensuring we deliver services as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible.

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E-Waste Recycling

What is E-Waste?

If the item you’re disposing of has a cord, battery, or a switch, it’s considered E-Waste and must be recycled through an E-waste recycling program. Since 2013, all E-Waste is banned from landfill and needs to be taken to a suitable e-waste recycling facility for dismantling and re-manufacturing.

Why don’t we just throw it out with our normal waste?

E-Waste items contain many valuable and rare materials such as gold, copper, nickel, tin, zinc and aluminum, which can be recovered and re-used. They also contain a variety of hazardous materials materials including lead, mercury, cadmium and lithium that can potentially harm the environment if not disposed of correctly.

By recycling e-waste these materials are recovered and used to make new products.

Please DO NOT place any E-Waste items in your red, yellow, or green lidded bins.

What can I recycle through an E-Waste Recycling Program?

Items that will be accepted for free include:

  • Televisions analogue, LCD, flat screens (About 90% of televisions and computers can be recycled!)
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer towers
  • Printers, scanners, keyboards, mice
  • White goods
  • Microwave ovens
  • Heaters
  • Computer cables
  • Ovens
  • Any item that uses an electrical plug and/or any battery driven items.

E-Waste can be taken to your nearest ‘Unplug and Drop’ location, this is a free service offered by Electronics Recycling Australia. To find a detailed list of what you can recycle and your nearest drop-off location, please see the Electronic Recycling Australia website.

City of Prospect will also collect electronic waste as part of household hard waste collections. For more information or to book a hard waste collection, you can phone East Waste on 8347 5111 or visit East Waste.