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City of Prospect has taken a number of important and proactive steps to protect our community and staff as we face this unprecedented situation of the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide Public Health Emergency.

We need to take all reasonable steps available to protect our community, our Elected Members, our staff and volunteers (and their families) against the spread of this infection while ensuring we deliver services as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible.

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Co-Housing for Aging Well Project

City of Prospect is participating in the regional and collaborative ‘Co-Housing for Aging Well Project’ along with Town of Walkerville, City of Unley, City of Burnside, the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure/State Planning Commission and the University of South Australia.  The project aims to investigate how older Adelaide houses such as villas and cottages might be altered and extended, or detached buildings incorporated into rear yards, to create one or more additional dwellings on site in order to suit a co-housing arrangement for older residents wishing to age in place.

Co-housing relates to individual dwellings sharing common space or facilities.

The end product of the Co-Housing for Aging Well Project will be a design report that summarises the findings of the study through both text and illustrations.  The illustrations will be a mix of 2D and 3D strategy diagrams, detailed plans to fully describe the nature of the housing, diagrams to describe the scale and massing of the housing and 3D representations of the schemes.

This project has linkages to the Council’s Housing Diversity and Desirable Housing Study as the issue of ageing in place, reuse of existing dwellings for more diverse housing and retention of built form character have all been raised as part of that study. This project aims to address some of these issues in detail. Further work and understanding is needed to consider how alternate housing forms are encouraged (or not) through the State’s Planning and Design Code.