Artist in Residence

Are you thinking “What in the world is a human cocoon?”

The Human Cocoon project was a concept that started with the idea of what might we make and create from the world around us, using natural fibres to build a cocoon fit for a human.  Just as a nest or cocoon is created in nature, each cocoon was made from locally found and recycled materials – the things we use and represent us, humans.

Built to human scale, the cocoons were designed to engage and surprise whilst sparking our curiosity and imagination; provoking questions about the creature that dwells within, the human condition and our place within our own ecosystem.

The three amazing cocoons were located temporarily at RL Pash Reserve, Broadview Oval and in Northpark shopping centre. These local creations made by our creative community had the power to change our everyday; on a walk to the shops, travelling to work, or a day out in our parks, altering ever so slightly our day ahead, while reflecting the places we live.

Working with locals and community groups such as the Men’s Shed and Knitty Gritty, three workshops were held to construct and install the cocoons:
•    THE GATHERING – collecting local, pre-loved objects
•    THE BUILD - weaving, gluing, tying and cladding the cocoons
•    THE FASTENING - rigging cocoons into their final locations

The project was developed by artists Sophie Button, Michelle Delany, and Techy Masero, as part of the 2016 Prospect Public Artist in Residence Program.

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