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Prospect: A Portrait Of A City At War

Rather than focusing solely on the soldiers who went to war, Prospect: A City At War, is an intriguing study into the lives of Prospect people at home during WWI. This exhibition follows their endlessly spirited initiatives to support, rally, strengthen and rebuild their community well beyond the war with fascinating initiatives ranging from the wisely practical to the inspiringly creative.

The travelling installation brings together a number of elements to commemorate and celebrate the industriously resourceful people of Prospect and the activities they undertook to honour and commemorate those Australians who did, and did not, return. 

City of Prospect Mayor, David O’Loughlin; “City of Prospect’s Anzac Day commemorations sit respectfully alongside all other local activities honouring the memories of those brave Australians who, 100 years ago, fought for our future and those who didn’t make it home. Through our local research, we also acknowledge the people who by staying behind, kept our families and community strong. This was achieved not only by what they did for each other, but also in the way they supported all service men and women on foreign shores. We will remember them.”

This fascinating historical display is the result of months of research undertaken by keen local historian, Bridget Jolly, who has methodically studied and curated her subject matter in conjunction with resources of City of Prospect’s Local History Collection.

This Local History Collection holds a significant number of Prospect records, memorabilia and accounts of local stories and is supported by an active and very well regarded Local History Group. Their research and subsequent publications have contributed greatly to the body of knowledge on Prospect’s history. However, they have noted a distinct gap in local records around WWI. As such, their project group seeks to fill that gap with help from the public to come forward with any WWI wartime, military memorabilia, artefacts or local stories that may help to illuminate more about Prospect during WWI and provide further insight for the travelling exhibition.

Prospect: A City At War formed part of History Month 2015, and was on display at the Prospect Civic Centre. You can download the informative poster series here: Prospect: Portrait of a City at War posters(43514 kb)


‘Who will sell some yards 
of pennies?’

Thirty tokens sold for 2 shillings and 6 pence laid the equivalent of one yard (.9 metre).

A decade-long appeal was started in 1929 for maintenance funds for the Angorichina Hostel to be derived from a penny paper trail. When the paper tokens, printed with the image of one penny--the cost of one token--finally reached from Adelaide to Angorichina the goal would be reached
(Tubercular Soldiers’ Aid Society, SRG 488/2C, SRSA).


Misses K Hammond (Co-operative Stores) and M. Mulvihill (Charles Moore & Co.) enticing the 2000 helpers needed to sell £I worth of tokens per year for ten years.

  Misses K Hammond (Co-operative Stores) and M. Mulvihill (Charles Moore & Co.) enticing the 2000 helpers needed to sell £I worth of tokens per year for ten years. 
 Prospect Honour Roll 1919  

 The Prospect Honour Roll

The Prospect Honour Roll was unveiled in 1919.
(Courtesy of the State Library of South Australia: PRG 280/1/15/444) 


Radio 5KA - Started by the
Transatlantic Wireless Company of Prospect

5KA was among the few pioneer Adelaide radio stations. The first licensed radio station broadcast in Australia was made in 1922. Three years later, on February 1925, South Australia’s 5DN went to air. One year later, Radio 5KA was started by the Transatlantic Wireless Company of Prospect.

The station was officially opened by the Hon. John Hubert Cook, MLC, on Friday 25 March 1927. It broadcast from a private home
at 51 Kintore Avenue, Prospect.


   Sport Radio Broadcasting Station
8 Clifford St, Prospect   

8 Clifford St

Private Alexander White Robertson of the 21/10th Battalion, was a Prospect-born bread carter. He enlisted in May 1915,  and while serving overseas suffered constantly from trench feet. His family welcomed him home at 8 Clifford Street, Prospect in Spring 1918. This house still stands (Courtesy of the State Library of South Australia: PRG 280/1/22/131).