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Change to Principal Office

5 September 2018

Council needs to temporarily move our nominated Principal Office from 126 Prospect Road, Prospect to 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth (Thomas Street Centre). Before we finalise details, we would like to explain the requirements for this temporary move and provide an opportunity for input from our residents.

With construction of the new Community Hub Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC) well underway and scheduled to be opened in August 2019, Council operations and administration are temporarily housed across three separate sites, with Prospect Town Hall nominated as the Principal Office.

The term Principal Office is significant because it is the official point of contact for Council and the SA Local Government Act requires Council to consult with our community before the Principal Office is moved.

Prospect Town Hall is an essential part of the development of the new CLIC facility, with activities in the Hall seamlessly integrated and connected to the new construction; work upon the Hall will commence in January 2019 hence the need to temporarily move Council’s Customer Service operations and to nominate the Thomas Street Centre as our Principal Office.

Once construction has been completed, all of Council’s operations will be located within the new CLIC facility on Prospect Road, with that facility nominated as the Principal Office.

The opening hours for the transaction of business at the Thomas Street Centre for the Principal Office will be consistent with current practice; Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Council decided upon the Thomas Street Centre as the preferred location of the Principal Office at its August meeting, with the Centre being the obvious choice because it is the temporary home for all of Council’s services that directly interact with our community and the Library Desk may easily be expanded to include Council’s Customer Service Desk services.

We understand that it may seem unnecessary to be consulting with our residents about moving our Principal Office when the decision, through necessity, to move the Office has already been made. However, Council is keen to seize upon the requirement to consult, as described within the Local Government Act, and to meaningfully understand any implications for our community that may arise because of the move.

Take our Survey

Please use the above link to an online survey and provide your input and comments regarding the proposed relocation of our Principal Office.  Findings from the survey will be reported back to Council at the October meeting prior to a final decision being made.

The survey is open for a period of four weeks, commencing Wednesday 12 September and closing Friday 12 October 5pm.

For more information, contact Jo-Ann Tanti on 8269 5355 or via admin@prospect.sa.gov.au