Prospect Gallery offers a diverse exhibition program with up to eight exhibitions held each year. Supporting emerging and established artists, the program successfully showcases a broad selection of artists and artworks in a variety of media.


2018 Exhibition Calendar - Brighter than ever!

The Exhibition Calendar for 2018 is brighter than ever, with 12 months of exhibitions to challenge and excite. You are invited to visit the Prospect Gallery throughout the year to see the latest offerings from emerging and established artists.

Highlights of the Gallery Calendar include:

  • African Marangi - Marangi is a Swahili word meaning Colours. Over 40 paintings depicting the way of life, environment and economic living of communities in Africa. Paintings include imaginative compositions derived from everyday life experience and the inspirations of nature by Ronnie Ogwang and Charles Wasswa Rugumayo.
  • 30/30 Vision: Thirty Years of the Prospect Gallery - 30/30 Vision showcases works of art drawn from Prospects Civic Art Collection in celebration of 30 years of the Prospect Gallery.
  • The History of Prospect in Posters - To coincide with South Australia’s History Festival, an exhibition of screen-printed posters from the 1970s and 1980s produced by the Community Association of Prospect (CAP) Poster Collective and the Studio of Ann Newmarch.
  • Heart Pieces - A text based installation by Suzanne Verrall and Dani Burbrook comprising six triptychs and foley soundtrack.
  • SLOW – The Prospect Arts Action Network Artists (PAAN) puts Slowness into focus and finds a jewel with many facets; coarse to fine, the song of time, and languid meandering.
  • Relative to Loss - Photographic based self-portraiture by Emiko Artemis with text utilising masking and landscapes to create emotive scenes dealing with issues of displacement, loss and mourning. These works explore the intersection of body, psyche and environment.
  • Wisdom from a Fold-Up Boat - An exhibition by Peter Lindon follows the journey of a small boat as it investigates the driest state of the driest continent. Familiar places turn out to have other dimensions. And the slower you go the more you see. There’s a wisdom in that boat. Is it despite or because of its folly?
  • 20th Prospect Community Show - The 20th Prospect Community Show celebrates enduring local community support and participation in the visual arts. Created by residents or those with a strong connection to Prospect, the artworks are a celebration of creative expression and culture in a civic context.

Gallery Calendar 2018

Calendar of 2018 Exhibitions(4482 kb)

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