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The Waiting Room

Local community artist hark is outfitting a series of five bus shelters throughout Prospect with engaging art, images and objects that transform the utilitarian nature of the shelter into a surprising and engaging experience designed to become a destination in itself. 

The Waiting Room is funded through Council’s Over 2 U program - which aims to promote and develop safe local streets for people walking, people cycling. This is achieved through the use of art installations along local streets by a local artist.

The artist’s role is to develop new and innovative art installations that tackle issues such as improving relationships between people driving and people cycling and walking, promoting public transport, and encouraging the community to walk and cycle instead of driving.

The first bus shelter installation at Bus Stop 14, Prospect Road eastern side, was installed early morning on 5 June 2015 for travellers to be immersed in World Environment Day. 

The remaining four shelter art installations include:

Bus Stop 113 Regency Road North   Bus Stop 115 Regency Road North
Bus stop 113 Regency Road, Northern side   Bus stop 115 Regency Road, Northern side
Bus Stop 16 Prospect Road Eastern   Bus Stop 7 Prospect Road Eastern
Bus stop 16 Prospect Road, Eastern Side   Bus stop 7 Prospect Road, Eastern Side

Media Release - The Waiting Room - World Environment Day 2015.pdf(51 kb)