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Precinct Services

Our City Maintenance team operates a Precinct Services Program to appropriately maintain the condition of our streets and reduce risk within the community.  This Precinct Team visits each street within the City every two years, to address critical maintenance issues such as removing tripping points, pruning overhanging branches and repairing pot holes. 

We have found that over time the nature of our work during each ‘cycle’ changes due the positive impacts that the program has.  Initially we concentrated on repairing major footpath tripping hazards however as these have reduced significantly, more recently we have been able to include other works as well.

Due to the innovative approach of multi-skilling our City Maintenance staff, accredited in both Certificate III Horticulture and Civil Construction the Precinct Team is flexible and skilled in delivering a broad range of services including:

  • Kerb and gutter, road and footpath repairs
  • Pruning low hanging vegetation from street trees
  • Weed removal/spraying
  • Backfilling nature strips with either dolomite or loam where required
  • Drains cleaning
  • Street signs replacement
  • Footpath and road sanitation

The benefits of such a program include:

  • risk / hazard reduction
  • proactively identifying and repairing maintenance problems before they become major issues
  • prolonging the life of our assets
  • reducing reactive requests for maintenance
  • providing an even spread of services across all areas of the city

If you’d like to know when we’re visiting your street, please check out our Precinct Services timetable (under Related Resources) for further details. 

Our Precinct Service Program map can also be downloaded from Related Resources.

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