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Review of Development Planning in Prospect

City of Prospect has prepared a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to amend and strengthen design provisions for the Urban Corridor Zone (along Churchill Road, Prospect Road and Main North Road) in Council’s Development Plan.

Policy changes will relate to both Council Wide and Zone provisions of the Plan. The Development Plan Amendment will be released for public consultation on 30 May 2017 and will close on 25 July 2017.

Some of the proposed changes include;

  • strengthening and clarifying desired intent for development within zone and policy areas
  • encouraging diversity of building types and housing sizes
  • promoting ground-level street activation and overall street appeal
  • strengthening landscape guidelines and introducing deep root zones
  • removing disincentives to site amalgamation
  • amending setbacks to re-orientate buildings to the street and toward the front of sites
  • strengthening policy for development on or near a boundary
  • introducing policy to minimise impacts on adjacent properties in different zones and
  • having input into other issues such as visual privacy, storage and waste removal

The Plan was amended in October 2013 by the Planning Minister to align with the State Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide for mixed-use, high growth areas along our major transport corridors.

Whilst introduction of the Urban Corridor Zone has been successful in encouraging development along Prospect’s corridors, there are a number of developments now constructed which demonstrate that built form outcomes could be enhanced by a targeted and limited DPA addressing various design matters.

To assist in delivering better design outcomes within a transforming growth area, Council is proposing to strengthen design-related policy.

In response to the high level of new development and to minimize design-related impacts to these areas, the draft Development Plan Amendment policy will be subject to Interim Operation and will be actively used for Development Plan assessments, during the consultation stage and for a 12 month period.

City of Prospect CEO Cate Hart said the changes are about strengthening design provisions in Council policy to realise better outcomes for residents and achieve quality and amenity in the urban landscape.

“We wish to foster projects which demonstrate the desired character, those which have genuine aesthetic appeal, and in which landscaping is more than just an afterthought. We want to support projects which have variety in their dwelling sizes and numbers of bedrooms, which take into account privacy needs and the lifestyles of tenants and are also built with durable quality materials that age well and are a good fit with their environment and with neighbouring properties” she said.

Acting Mayor Mark Groote added “This is all about good design principles and the desire to improve and complement the public realm. We want to promote street level activation and have the ability to adjust setbacks to allow for landscaping in the front of newly built properties, while still encouraging growth and prosperity in our City. The message is that this will still be the best place to live, whether you live in an apartment or a house, because you will have access to all the amenities the City of Prospect has to offer.”

To read about the proposed changes please go to to access the DPA article and download the feedback form via the links provided.

The public is invited to provide feedback via the Urban Corridor Zone and Interface Areas Policy Review Information and Feedback Sheet in the link provided on Council’s website and to return these marked ‘Submission – Urban Corridor Zone and Interface Areas Policy Review DPA’ to the City of Prospect.

Responses can be sent to:

Copies of all submissions received will be available for inspection by interested persons at the Council Offices until the Public Meeting.

Information sessions will also be held:

  • Prospect Library (1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth), 4-6pm, 20 June 2017
  • Civic Centre (128 Prospect Road, Prospect), 4-6pm on 28 June 2017

Please indicate in your submission if you wish to speak at the Public Meeting to be held on 9 August 2017 at the Civic Centre from 6pm.

For further information contact Rick Chenoweth or planning staff on 8269 5355.



Contact for interview:

CEO Cate Hart – call Communications on 8342 8074 or email