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Latest exhibition: Form and Re-Form

Prospect Gallery’s latest exhibition, Form & Re-form, provokes thoughts about the personal subtext and associations we attribute to our own clothes. The show presents deconstructed conceptual clothing forms by artist Annabelle Collett, next to detailed, tailored garments by artist Jeff Trahair. The juxtaposition and overlapping conversations between these works highlight the tactile and evocative qualities of clothing.

“Clothing is the most fundamental form of expression,” Jeff Trahair

The two artists present their observations and explorations into the boundaries of conventional ‘formed’ and unconventional ‘re-formed’ clothing in the exciting and challenging works created from textiles, trims and sewing techniques.

Jeff Trahair is a self-taught tailor and artisan. What began as a wish to have nice clothes to wear to the opera has grown into an art form where each item is an audition, rehearsal and performance. The technique of tailoring are pushed to the limits. The boundaries of the strictly male gendered clothing forms are explored as the virtuoso potential of fabrics, trims, embellishments are used like the vocal coloratura of opera singers on stage. The wondrous rich world of the baroque superstars, the castrati, inspires Jeff’s art. Themes, colours, textures are combined to create complex caricatures and personae that delve further than mere stage drama and costume.

With fashion in art emerging as a strong genre in the arts world, the exhibition is a novel collaboration of male and female perspectives, of the conventional, and the abstract. It is unique in developing a synergy between art idioms usually kept separate. The binding focus is the ubiquity of clothing - we all wear clothes!

“Our clothes are invested with significance and meaning. They are intimate ‘burlesque’ props that reveal much about ourselves and our relationships with others”, writes Annabelle Collette.

Annabelle Collett is an experienced artist having worked for over 35 years as a professional artist, designer and craftsperson. The concepts that inform her practice are contained within the historic and symbolic significance of motif, the social and political meaning of pattern on textiles; and the abstract overlaying relationships between fashion, visual art and design. Her work explores the way the body and its coverings act as resonators of social structure, gender attitudes and personal commentary. Through her idiosyncratic fascinations with debris, leftovers and vintage remnants she challenges the preconceptions of materials and objects by incorporating the past into new imagery reflecting current concerns.

Included as part of the exhibition will be an artist’s talk on Saturday 3rd June at 2.00pm where Annabelle and Jeff discuss how the art of clothing can communicate current themes and ideas regarding gender, conventions and fashion.

“Come and be excited and enjoy the beautiful world of textiles, and explore your own boundaries about what sort of clothes we wear,” Annabelle Collett.

When:             Exhibition Launch 3pm – 5pm, Sunday 7 May, 2017
Speaker:      Artists to introduce exhibition
Where:           Prospect Gallery, 1 Thomas St, Nailsworth
Runs:           7 May – 11 June


Form and Re-Form - Jeff Trahair - Black Guipure Suit   Form and Re-Form - Annabelle Collett - Same but Different

Jeff Trahair, Black Guipure lace suit, lace satin diamante trims, buttons. Life size proportions.


Annabelle Collett, Same, Same but Different, framed retro textiles with five sewn garment forms, 190 x 270cm


Mayor: David O'Loughlin, 0408 598 863,
CEO: Cate Hart, 8269 5355,