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Dual Naming of our Parks

26 October 2018

Council has endorsed for community consultation the use of Kaurna (Aboriginal) language for the dual naming of Broadview and Prospect Ovals.

Dual naming is one of a number of actions that have been identified for completion to achieve Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan, developed as the corner stone of efforts to redress past injustices.  Council believes that its activities and business can be an ideal platform to build greater levels of respect by increasing our understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the local community.

Prospect Oval – Payinthi Kumartapi yarta

Payinthi Kumartapi yarta is Kaurna translation of the English words:

Payinthi (Prospect) ‘to seek, look for, examine; be thinking’.

Kumartapi (reserve) ‘to keep, reserve, retain for oneself, for own use’
yarta ‘ground, land, soil’.


Broadview Oval – Yarnta Tutu Kumartapi yarta

Yarnta Tutu Kumartapi yarta is Kaurna translation of the English words:

Yarnta Tutu (Broadview).

Kumartapi (reserve) ‘to keep, reserve, retain for oneself, for own use’
yarta ‘ground, land, soil’.

Reconciliation Australia is the lead body for reconciliation in Australia, with the aim to build respect and trust between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-indigenous Australians.

One of the key priorities for Reconciliation Australia is the coordination of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program, which provides a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement.

An application was submitted to Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP) on Council’s behalf to obtain recommendations for Kaurna naming of roads and a small park within the new development and for Prospect and Broadview Ovals.  The application process included the requirement for staff to consult with a local Aboriginal elder, with Uncle Lewis O’Brien providing his support.

KWP was established in 2002 by Kaurna Elders, Dr Lewis Kauwanu Yorloburka O'Brien and Dr Alitya Wallara Rigney together with Linguist, Dr Rob Amery, it is a body of Kaurna people, teachers, linguists and language enthusiasts who are passionate about the reclamation and revival of the Kaurna language. The KWP committee grew out of a series of Kaurna language development workshops funded by a University of Adelaide small grant in 2000. KWP is hosted by Linguistics, School of Humanities, at the University of Adelaide.

The KWP committee met on 11 June to consider Council’s request and has provided their cultural consent to use the below detailed names across our City:

  • Yarnta Tutu (Broadview)
  • Payinthi (Prospect) [payinthi OR payirrinthi ‘to seek, look for, examine; be thinking’]
  • Wirra (park) [wirra ‘forest, wood, bush’]
  • Kumartapi yarta (reserve) [kumartapinthi ‘to keep, reserve, retain for oneself, for own use’ + yarta ‘ground, land, soil’]
  • Putpayarta (garden) [putpa ‘fertile’ + yarta ‘ground, land, soil’]
  • Parnta ‘lime; limestone; brick’
  • Terms for animals
  • wartu ‘wombat’
  • wauwi ‘female grey kangaroo’ (also sheep)
  • nantu ‘male grey kangaroo’ (also horse)
  • marti ‘bandicoot’
  • kadli ‘dingo’
  • kurnta ‘brush kangaroo’ (probably crescent nailtail wallaby)
  • mapu ‘quoll’
  • madlurta ‘a young possum’ (probably the common ringtail)
  • pirlta ‘brushtail possum’
  • pingku ‘bilby’
  • wangku ‘a small possum’ (possibly feathertail glider)
  • yarrki ‘a small burrowing animal, probably the burrowing bettong’
  • puinyu ‘a young possum’
  • naalha ‘echidna’

Each of these names were chosen because they are more easily spoken and read by non-indigenous Australians, though more importantly because the Prospect region prior to white settlement was most commonly sparsely wooded or open plains, home to a wide variety of animals.

Online Survey - Provide your comments and input with regard to the proposed dual naming of Broadview and Prospect Ovals using Kaurna language. 

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The survey is open for a period of seven weeks commencing Saturday 27 October and concluding at 5.00 pm on Sunday 16 December 2018.

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