• Sport
11am - 3pm Tuesday 05 Nov 2019
Prospect Oval
Menzies Cres
Prospect SA 5082

The Fun Alternative Racing Karnival (FARK) was inspired by seeing this fabulousness:

Bekk saw this and said “Where’s the champagne? I’d frock up for that!” and FARK CUP plopped out as a fully formed concept. Amazing.

Races include the MAMIL Coffee Cup race, the Wobbly Ladies race, the T-Rex race, and the Golden FARK Cup race.

Of course, we strongly oppose the use of animals in sport, entertainment, food and fashion. We know you do too! The FARK CUP is for anyone who’d still like to frock up and enjoy a fantastically entertaining day out!

Find out all the details at www.farkcup.com.au

For more information on this event, please contact: