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Charles Cane Reserve / Parndo Yerta Upgrade


Charles Cane Reserve. Churchill Road, between Belford Avenue and Elizabeth Street.


September 2020 – December 2020


This oval is having a major upgrade of its surroundings. Council’s Open Space Strategy and public consultation during the Master Plan stage identified a lack of public facilities in this section of our Council area. The upgrade consists of three main areas including new Playspace along southern end, new Fitness Hub in North-West corner and a new Entry Plaza in the North-East corner. We have included many opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as fitness equipment and a playspace, with lots of nature play and opportunities for children to be imaginative and creative. With the new public toilets that have been upgraded and opened, visitors will be able to spend all day watching a sports game and using the new facilities. Construction is expected to commence in September and be completed by the end of the year.

Progress Update – 29 September 2020

Following some final changes to the design, construction has commenced at Charles Cane Reserve with temporary fencing in place to secure the three works zones across the site.

Council’s contractor, Outside Ideas, will aim to get through the following program of works over the next two week period: (29 September – 12 October)

  • Locating and pot holing of existing services.
  • Demolition of bollards and railing within work zones.
  • Strip and dispose turf within work zones.
  • Detailed excavation and boxing out to design levels within Entry Plaza and Fitness Hub Areas.
  • Base preparations to pavement areas in Entry Plaza and Fitness Hub Areas.
  • Formwork and steel work for both concrete bench seats along edge of Entry Plaza and Fitness Hub.
  • Electrical trenching and placement of conduits for pedestrian lighting and BBQ.
  • Placement of pipe for water supply to new drinking fountains.

Please see the concept plan package here for more information on what is being constructed.

Charles Cane Reserve Perspective