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Howard Street and Balfour Street: Proposed Changes to Traffic Conditions

In early 2019, Council received a petition from residents in Nailsworth raising concerns regarding the design of the traffic control device, a driveway link, at the intersection of Balfour Street and Howard Street in Nailsworth.

At the August 2019 Council Meeting, a report was tabled in response to the petition. The report provided Council with findings from an investigation, and proposed actions for consideration. At that meeting Council resolved to retain the existing traffic control device at that time, undertake some minor improvements works, and undertake a traffic investigation to review the current driveway link, as well as review potential alternative treatments at the intersection.

The key findings from that traffic investigation are as follows:

Option 1 - Re-instatement of driveway link

Impact: In 2018, modification works were undertaken to the driveway link that involved minor kerb re-alignment to help with left turn movements (in particular for larger vehicles and garbage trucks). Re-instatement of the driveway link will involve reducing the width of the internal kerbing, extending the yellow (no parking) line marking around the bend and reinstating the solid white dividing control line.

Benefits: This option will ensure that the driveway link returns to its original design elements, including a vehicle path resembling a private driveway, resulting in slower vehicle speeds through the driveway link. Extending the yellow line marking will also improve visibility and accessibility.

Cost: $8,000.00

Concept: Option 1 design

Option 2 - Modified T-Intersection (changed Priority)

Impact: Works will involve the complete removal of the current driveway link, re-establishment of bitumen, kerb re-alignment to suit the new modified T-intersection, extending the yellow (No Stopping) line marking around the bend and modifying the solid white dividing control line. Similar to the current driveway link, vehicles travelling south along Howard Street will be required to give way to vehicles travelling either north along Howard Street or east along Balfour Street. However, as the raised driveway link will be removed, vehicle speeds may increase through the intersection due to the widening of the intersection and the removal of the vertical deflection.

Benefits: The modified T-Intersection will ensure controlled traffic movements, improved traffic flow from Balfour Street to Howard Street and will accommodate larger vehicles.

Cost: $25,000.00

Concept: Option 2 design

Option 3 - Removal of the driveway link

Impact: Removal of the driveway link will return the intersection to a typical T-Intersection, with Howard Street having priority. The driveway link was originally installed in 2008 as a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) device to address high traffic speeds and volumes along Howard Street. Removing the driveway link is likely to reinstate the pre 2008 traffic conditions. i.e. high vehicle volumes and speeding motorists.

Benefits: Removal of the driveway link will only address resident concerns that some drivers are confused regarding who has right of way.

Cost: $15,000-$20,000 (estimate only)

Concept: Option 3 design

Community consultation closed Friday 29 May 2020, and a report advising of the survey results will be presented at the July 2020 Council Meeting.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact Pam Andritsakis, Manager Infrastructure and Assets on 8269 5355 or email