Code of Practice for Public Access to Documents and Meetings

Do you feel you can easily access and participate in Prospect Council Meetings?
How would you like to find out about what is happening at Council and Committee?
Is the Code of Practice for Access to Meetings and Documents easy to understand?

Importance of the code

City of Prospect is committed to the principle of open and accountable government and encourages community participation in the business of Council. As such, the Code of Practice governs the way in which the public can access documents and meetings in an effort to encourage participation in Council decisions.


Council is required to maintain a relevant Code of Practice for Access to Meetings and Documents, and must, within 12 months after the conclusion of each periodic election, review the operation of its code of practice under Section 92 of the Local Government Act 1999.

Changes Proposed

Council endorsed the draft Code of Practice for consultation at its meeting held on 24 September 2019.  A copy of the draft Code can be found here.

Amendments to the draft code are made with reference to Council current practice, common practice of neighbouring Councils, and readability of the clauses. Council Administration endeavoured to reduce technical language in order to increase the accessibility of the document itself.


Members of the community are invited to give feedback in the following ways:

  • In writing, over the Customer Service desk at the Principal Office (Prospect Public Library – 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth from October 1-11 and Payinthi – 128 Prospect Road, Prospect from October 14-25);
  • By writing to Jo-Ann Tanti, Principal Governance Advisor, City of Prospect, PO Box 171, Prospect SA 5082;
  • By sending an email addressed to Jo-Ann Tanti, Principal Governance Advisor, at; or
  • Online via SurveyMonkey here.

Feedback is due by 5pm Friday 25 October 2019 and will be presented to Council along with a final draft of the Code in the November Council Meeting.

Please contact Jo-Ann Tanti (Principal Governance Advisor) on (08) 8269 5355 to find out more about this document.