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New battery and light globe recycling service

Residents of the City of Prospect can now drop off small quantities of batteries and light globes for recycling at Payinthi.

Batteries and light globes contain valuable metals including aluminium, nickel, lithium, steel, zinc and mercury, all of which can be recovered and reused.

These common household items are not recyclable through your yellow kerbside recycling bin as they contain harmful substances which, if not managed properly, could damage the environment or catch on fire. They can, however, be recycled by dropping them off at collection points.

Household batteries can now be deposited in the battery recycling tube in the foyer of Payinthi. Acceptable batteries include:

  • Domestic batteries (eg AA, AAA, C and D)
  • Button batteries from calculators, watches and many toys
  • 9-volt batteries
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Small rechargeable batteries from cameras, cordless phones, shavers and some power tools

Lead acid batteries are not acceptable. Visit our Hazardous Waste page or Which Bin to find your nearest drop off location.

Light globes can be left with our team at the Customer Service counter.

A wide range of globes are accepted including fluorescent lamps and tubes, halogen lamps, tubes, bulbs and incandescent globes (excludes commercial quantities – visit Which Bin for commercial recycling options).

This free service is available at Payinthi, 128 Prospect Road, Prospect during business hours.