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Prospect Delivers

City of Prospect has established a new program to beat the impact of the crisis on the local food and café sector – while also delivering meals to our vulnerable residents.

Prospect Delivers is designed to assist our local restaurants, café and food service sector over what we hope is a short-term disruption in trade resulting from COVID-19 restrictions.

City of Prospect will print and distribute over 4,400 vouchers valued at $25 to be valid at any participating food delivery business located in City of Prospect (but won’t be valid through common online delivery platforms, which take up to a third of the transaction’s revenue).

Prospect Delivers will also be complemented by an online education campaign (both for businesses and residents) through videos on City Prospect’s various social media platforms, and phone calls by our Community Support staff and volunteers to our registered vulnerable residents through Council’s welfare check program.

The Prospect Delivers program will only be available to City of Prospect residents and businesses.

Registered businesses

Lunch only
Cibo Espresso Prospect Road 8344 6326
Cotto 8420 0808
Frankly Coffee & Bagels 0478 422 435
Lemon Grass 0434 867 994
Les Deux Coqs 0448 526 126
Muratti Cakes & Gateaux 8344 9977
Neighbourhood Espresso Bar 0466 641 089
Quik & Friendly Super Deli 7073 2044
The Upside on Prospect 7080 1357
Vietnamese Meat Rolls Forever 8269 7289

Lunch and Dinner
Al Mina's on Prospect 7226 0709
Apna Adda Indian Restaurant 0420 634 050
Minestra 7324 9902
Bonsai Mujo 7222 1249
Pizza Hut Northpark 8344 5060
Pun Thai Restaurant 7226 1919
Saffron Club and Agha Juice Point 8269 4194
Umitori Sushi 8269 2658

Dinner only
Anchovy Bandit 0401 188 845
Basilico Cafe 8344 1677
Cafe Di Roma 8342 6040
Cafe Komodo 8344 7448
Co & Nay 8269 1595
Meze Mazi 8269 2777
Virsa Delights Indian Restaurant 7225 5959

No, the vouchers will clearly be marked that only businesses located within City of Prospect will be reimbursed.

No, vouchers are only valid for food delivery, and where zero contact delivery is offered to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission, not take away orders.

Yes, as we will be doing multiple printing runs of these vouchers, we will add more accepting businesses to vouchers.  Additionally, City of Prospect staff are ready to contact our businesses, immediately to preregister businesses and include them on the vouchers and online on both City of Prospect and Network Prospect.

Yes. If they don’t meet the terms and conditions as laid out on the voucher and website, we will not reimburse them. We will however if businesses register they will get their name listed on the voucher and website.

The vouchers will have very short expiration dates to encourage cash flow into businesses and allow City of Prospect to monitor the ongoing spend to inform how long the program can run.

No, due to the practicalities of these online platforms requiring credit card payment, and the large commission taken for delivery, these vouchers will not be able to be used other than as a cash substitute.

Business will be required to practice zero contact deliver, use gloves, and sanitiser. Additionally, on registration, resources will be shared with businesses such as information regarding St Johns Workplace Infection Control training and similar resources.

City of Prospect will not reimburse the purchase of alcohol.

The spirit of this program is to assist local businesses to continue to operate and to support local employment.

The program is designed to temporarily supplement the existing income, and assist the cash flow, of participating local businesses.  However, by the time GST and delivery costs are considered, an individual voucher does not necessarily provide an overly generous margin. Realistically, there will be ‘over and unders’ in terms of margins across the program and Council views this on a program basis rather than voucher by voucher. In addition, the key to the administration of this program is simplicity and certainty.  Council does not have the resources to audit each voucher to redeem a few dollars.

Participating businesses will be encouraged to provide meal packages that meet the voucher value but our vulnerable citizens are free to spend a voucher as they see fit.  For all of those reasons, participating businesses will be reimbursed in full on each occasion of the use of a voucher.

The residents will be required to pay $5 over the phone via credit card, but they will not be able to do face to face cash exchange.