Application Forms

This page lists a number of different forms that can be completed and returned to Council.

pdf Application to Access Council's Off Street Car Parking Fund(60 kb)

pdf Application to Inspect or Copy Plans(106 kb)

pdf Application to Obtain Development Documents on Public Notification Form(213 kb)

pdf Application to Waive Parking Expiation Notice(70 kb)

pdf Artworks on Stobie Poles and Walls(37 kb)

pdf Business Use of a Road/Footpath Trading - Permit Application Form(472 kb)

pdf Cage Hire for Cats and Possums Application Form(193 kb)

pdf Citronella Collar Hire Form(228 kb)

pdf City Works Guide and Application Form(193 kb)

pdf Community Event Risk Assessment Plan Template(479 kb)

pdf Community Hall Hire Request 2018-2019(8059 kb)

pdf Composting and Worm Farm Incentive Scheme(192 kb)

docx Customer Detail Change Form(133 kb)

pdf Deputation Information Sheet and Request Form(180 kb)

pdf Development Application Form 2018/2019(1906 kb)

pdf Development Authorisation Extension Application Form(334 kb)

pdf Direct Debit Request Form and Service Agreement(346 kb)

pdf Dog Attack Complaint(45 kb)

pdf Dog Barking Complaint(44 kb)

pdf Dogs - Keeping More Than Two Application(34 kb)

pdf EHA Temporary Event Food Notification Form(363 kb)

pdf Event Notification Form(263 kb)

pdf Flag Flying Application Form(653 kb)

pdf Footpath Trading Licence(43 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information - Template - Application Form - 2018 - 2019(45 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information - Template - Application Form - Internal Review of Determination - 2018 - 2019(113 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information Application - Amendment of Personal Records(432 kb)

pdf Graffiti Removal Kit Registration Form(112 kb)

docx Heritage Grant Program - Application Form(281 kb)

pdf Mandatory or Discretionary Rates Rebate - Application Form(83 kb)

pdf Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application(195 kb)

pdf Petition Form(17 kb)

pdf Postponement of Rates - Application Form(85 kb)

pdf Power Requirements Form(210 kb)

pdf Pre-Lodgement Advice Form(42 kb)

pdf Prospect Local History Collection Donation Form(80 kb)

pdf Prospect Local History Request for Information(116 kb)

docx Public Art Grant - Guidelines and Application Form 2018 - 2019(459 kb)

pdf Public Injury and Damage Notification(523 kb)

pdf Rebate Application Form - Village Heart Marketing Fund - 2018-2019(165 kb)

pdf Residential Parking Permit Area Application Form(22 kb)

pdf Rooster Complaint Form(190 kb)

pdf Statutory Declaration form(37 kb)

pdf Statutory Declaration Form - Different Driver or Vehicle Owner(53 kb)

docx Street Parties and Small Events Form(86 kb)

pdf Youth Sponsorship Form 2018 - 2019(5616 kb)

If you have any queries around City of Prospect's application forms, please phone us on (08) 8269 5355, or email us at