8th Prospect Portrait Prize

6 December 2015 – 17 January 2016

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The Prospect Portrait Prize is a feature of the highly renowned Arts and Events of City of Prospect.  Since 1999 the Prospect Portrait Prize is a non-acquisitive prize staged by Prospect Gallery located in Adelaide, South Australia to showcase contemporary portraits in any medium. Seeking a true and honest portrait, the artworks represent the person but do not focus on the outward appearance of the subject.

People’s Choice Award

Voting has now closed for the People’s Choice Award. The $1000 People’s Choice prize will be awarded at 3pm on Sunday 17 January 2016 at the Closing event in Prospect Gallery.

The 8th Prospect Portrait Prize finalists are listed below.

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 Margaret Ambridge, Drawn

Margaret Ambridge
South Australia

What draws my daughter to explore boundaries? I see excitement and trepidation … both hers and mine.

Image: Drawn, charcoal on paper, 90 x 100cm 

 Marcus Champ, Singers Echo

Marcus Champ
South Australia

Started as an anonymous portrait, when the old carved wood section was added it just screamed Amy Winehouse.

Image: Singers Echo, various timbers, piano leg, screws, paint, 116 x 54 x 22cm

 Donovan Christie, The Equestrian Portrait of the Count Duke of Goodwood

Donovan Christie
South Australia

By riffing on a prominent renaissance painting, I blurred the boundaries by substituting a powerful aristocrat with a pop-cultural figure.

Image: ‘The Equestrian Portrait of the Count Duke of Goodwood’, oil on canvas, 180 x 120cm

 Samuel Condon, What I would look like if I was Captain of the First Fleet Samuel Condon

Reinhabiting the persona of Admiral Arthur Phillip allows me to reflect upon and reinterpret our origins and identity as contemporary Australians.

Image: What I would look like if I was Captain of the First Fleet, gouache and watercolour, 28.5 x 21cm

 Coleen DaRosa, Michael Cusack artist… searching for self

Colleen DaRosa
New South Wales

Excavation and stripping away layers echoes Michael’s own processes. His true essence percolates only when viewed full frontal.

Image: Michael Cusack artist…searching for self, digitally altered images cut and layered on Hahnemuhle, felt pen, acrylic paint, foamcore, 102 x 57cm

 Maureen Finck, The Baui Garden

Maureen Finck
South Australia

Our dad was a football umpire. Every Saturday his boots and jock strap were on the hills hoist.

Image: The Baui Garden, acrylic and oils, 60 x 50cm 

 Keith Giles, Immortelle

Keith Giles
South Australia

Part of a series of self-portraits that focus on censorship and self-censorship.

Image: Immortelle, (triptych) photographic image on brushed aluminium, 20 x 14cm x3

Molly Harris, Being Sandra

Molly Harris
South Australia

Sandra, a transgender woman prepares for Anzac day.

Image: Being Sandra, inkjet print, 84 x 59cm 

 Dana Lawrie, Double Portrait

Dana Lawrie

Double self portrait.

Image: Hot Pink, oil on board, 19 x 19cm

 Helen Lehmann, Mona

Helen Lehmann
South Australia

David Walsh’s (aka GOD) carpark was the idea behind this work.

Image: Mona, oil on board, 82 x 101cm

 Jess Mara, Unit

Jess Mara
South Australia

‘Unit’ is a family portrait inspired by my experience of motherhood.

Image: Unit, oil on linen, 82 x 70cm
 Monika Morgenstern, Someone I used to know

Monika Morgenstern
South Australia

Someone I used to know depicts a person who was once important to the artist. The image becomes clearer as the viewer moves away, recreating the tricks memory can play.

Image: Someone I used to know, oil on board, framed, 52 x 52cm

 Leo Neuhofer, Self Portrait

Leo Neuhofer
South Australia

I like the light interacting with the form and the glazed surface revealing change in the pot heads faces.

Image: Self Portrait, (triptych) clay, glaze, pigment, various, photo Dominique Neuhofer

 Amanda Radomi, Be still my bleeding heart

Amanda Radomi
South Australia

I’ve been called a ‘bleeding heart’ and it’s true. My heart is also protected by my culture, signified by the dotwork radiating outwards.

Image: Be still my bleeding heart, synthetic polymer on canvas, 135 x 90cm

 Carolyn Ramsey, Learn to rock

Carolyn Ramsey
South Australia

Our shadow is of us but not controlled by us – the sun, the moon : light is needed to glimpse this person.

Image: Learning to rock, photo printed on stretched canvas, 60 x 60cm

Ignacio Rojas, Mimic Man

Ignacio Rojas

Mimic Man belongs to the body of work I have produced in my postgraduate research on Australian identity from a post-colonial migrant perspective (self-portrait).

Image: Mimic Man, Acrylic on canvas on wood, 90 x 60cm

Judy Rogers, Quindell Floating

Judy Rogers
Western Australia

This sculpture is of Quindell, a dancer, but you must imagine for yourself her expressive, elongated, statuesque body.

Image: Quindell Floating,Mixed media on board, box construction, 20 x 50 x 50cm      

Steve Salo, Self 2015

Steve Salo

Self Portrait – a day when hope and promise conquered fear and overwhelm.

Image: Self 2015, oil on canvas, 76 x 76cm

 Damian Shen, On the fabric of the Ngarrindjeri body

Damien Shen
South Australia

By placing an Elders’ head on an anatomical body, Shen reunites spirit with body in a uniquely Ngarrindjeri way.

Image: On the fabric of the Ngarrindjeri body, etching – edition of 20, 65 x 46cm

 Luke Thurgate, See the Monster - Good as Gold

Luke Thurgate
South Australia

This anti-portrait explores contrasting notions of menace and sympathy, shame and pride.

Image: See the Monster – Good as Gold, oil on board, 29 x 21cm

Makiko Yamamoto

Yamamoto uses her face as the material to mould and knead with her hands forming a malleable self-portrait.

Image: Self-Portrait, Digital video duration 4 minutes 57 seconds

Images used are detail of artworks submitted

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