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26 November 2017 – 28 January 2018 | 9th Prospect Portrait Prize - Exhibition extended an extra week!

On the Fabric of the Ngarrindjeri Body, Damien Shen

Various Media

Various Artists

The longest running portrait prize in South Australia, the Prospect Portrait Prize is a juried exhibition of contemporary portraits in any medium. 

Left: Damien Shen, On the Fabric of the Ngarrindjeri Body, etching, 46 x 65cm. Winner of the 8th Prospect Portrait Prize

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The 9th Prospect Portrait Prize finalists are listed below.

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Domenico Allegretto, Gabriella thumb

Domenico Allegretto
Adelaide, SA

The artist’s daughter wading into the ocean near Sellicks beach, an eighteen year old free-spirited woman, and a curious scientist, with a keen interest in ecology and ecosystems about to embark on a life journey of discovery.

Image: Gabriella, oil on canvas board, 58 x 48cm


What Remains

Margaret Ambridge
Adelaide, SA

A transient impression in a pillow recovering its shape, and traces of hair are all that remain. Mother, friend, companion; gone.

Image: What Remains, charcoal on film, 80 x 105cm



Sophie Armstrong
Adelaide, SA

What has occurred just out of frame?  What is the sound, the action or the presence that I am reacting to? The suggestion of narrative provokes the viewer to complete the story with their own experience, imagination and truth. Choose your own adventure.

Image: Hark!, photograph on premium cotton rag, giclée print, 85 x 113cm


Mark le Messurier

Kurt Bosecke
Adelaide, SA

A colourful depiction of an inspirational person, reflecting the positive relationship between artist and subject.

Image: Mark Le Messurier my friend my mentor a great man!, acrylic and ink markers on board, 61 x 46cm


State Of The Art

Donovan Christie
Adelaide, SA

A portrait of three South Australian icons and architects of the Australian hip hop scene, there is also a large piece of me within this painting of the Hilltop Hoods.  These three faces played a major role in the soundtrack to my adolescent years which paved the path to my life and the artist I am today.

Image: State of the Art, oil on canvas, 45 x 90cm


The Last Portrait

Samuel Condon
Melbourne, VIC

This painting depicts a bartender who I met at a Ballarat pub. Years later we matched on Tinder, a whirlwind romance ensued.

Image: The Bartender, oil on canvas, 89 x 52cm


Portrait of Gurinderjit Singh Prospect

Daniel Connell
Adelaide, SA

I met my friend Gurinderjit at the Prospect Sikh Gurdwara. This work is part of a 7 year series about transport workers in Adelaide: Charcoal and masking tape on paper: democratic materials, publicly displayed, unprotected, bold but vulnerable - like the life of a new migrant. 

Image: Portrait of Gurinderjit Singh Prospect, charcoal and masking tape on 30 sheets of paper, 285 x 170cm



Sophie Corso
Adelaide, SA

Felicity told stories and asked whether flowers needed to wear hats or if the clouds had beds to sleep in. Her honesty and sensitivities are strengths and I wanted to explore these qualities in the portrait using minimal and thick brush lines.

Image: Felicity, oil and acrylic, 100 x 75cm



Janine Dello
Adelaide, SA

Everywhere we look women are pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and paving the way for the next generation. My aim with this portrait of AFLW player Ebony Marinoff is to capture the beauty, strength and intensity of a determined athlete, whilst at the same time revealing her vulnerability.

Image: Believe, oil on linen, 51 x 82cm


The Impossible

Zoe Freney
Adelaide, SA

The Impossible is a self-portrait of an artist, a mother, a tightrope walker, a magician of tidying up. Her position is precarious, she teeters with arms and heart full. There is no time to think. Sometimes she does not even know who she is.

Image: The Impossible, oil on canvas, 198 x 122cm


The Selfie

Gaye Huscroft
Adelaide, SA

What does the Selfie say to you? What does it say about ourselves and others?  Is it self-expressionism at its best? Will this change the world of art and photography? 

Image: The Selfie - a grey day at work, oil on canvas, 61 x 61cm



Belinda Keyte
Adelaide, SA

Tommy is an Architect. A single gay man living in the bustling inner-city of Sydney, he also suffers from panic attacks.

Image: Tommy, digital colour photographic print, 50 x 70cm 


Just a Sec

Leah D. Jeffries
Adelaide, SA

Painted in a manner that refers to a simpler time, yet the subject highlights a contemporary phenomenon.  

Image: Just a Sec…, oil on canvas, 108 x 122cm


Self Portrait with a Lifetime of Pets - Past and Present

Kathryn McGovern
Brisbane, QLD

This work is a self-portrait set in my studio, along with an imagined gathering of family pets, past and present. Observations, memories and imaginings are combined with the affectionate and the humorous to reveal issues of animal ethics and environmental awareness.

Image: Studio Self Portrait with a Lifetime of Pets...Clarence, Pete, Reg, Pickles, Sky, Polly, Angus, Boris, Nibbles, Sinbad, Charlie, Rocky, Bruiser, Monty, Thumberlina, Tinkerbell, Lili, Chester, Morris, Dior and Claude, oil on board, 61 x 46cm



Stephen Oatway
Adelaide, SA

Stevo is a self-portrait of me in Junk Art style I considered this be an interesting challenge to capture myself in junk.

Image: Stevo, recycled found materials, 100 x 100 x 12cm



Hilton Owen
Hobart, TAS

Bathroom is a representation of routine. We all brush our teeth and look in the mirror to shave or comb our hair. 

Without preliminary drawings or sketches, the image, and its juxtaposition of representation and abstraction, reveals itself on the canvas as I work.

Image: Bathroom, oil and acrylic on canvas, 60 x 50cm


Sally Parnis, DNA movie stills thumb

Sally Parnis
Adelaide, SA

He looks like his Mum and his Dad – she looks like her Dad and her Mum – they do and they don’t look like each other! Digital paintings, made ‘live’, ‘morph’ from one family member to the next…How much must I change before one of us becomes the other?

Image: DNA, moving image (iPad drawings manipulated via moving image software), dimensions variable


Today, Now, Everyday (Red Lens)

Jamie Preisz
Sydney, NSW

The way the world see's us influences the way we look back at the world.  This work depicts Australian artist and friend, Abdul Abdullah. Abdul speaks elegantly about the experience of the other, known for his powerful and challenging portraits It was important to try to capture a more vulnerable side of him.

Image: Today, Now, Everyday (Red Lens), oil on canvas, 140 x 120cm



Zorica Purlija
Sydney, NSW

From the series Bitter Fruit, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Quad Video and referencing the bitter Essence of life. Portraiture and its relationship with truth is an ongoing concern in my practice.

Image: Pomegranate, digital art print, 40 x 40cm 


The Secret Conversation of Snow Yaks

Lauri Smith
Sydney, NSW

This work was inspired from a vivid dream I had about three snow yak men portraits set amongst a snowy landscape. They were having a secret conversation which I (as the watching viewer) interrupted.

Image: The Secret Conversation of Snow Yaks, silicone, wire and mohair, 15 x 40 x 25cm


On Any Sunday

Paul Whitehead
Sydney, NSW

A Sunday afternoon trip to my sister and brother-in-law’s place in Mallala for a BBQ. ‘Sully’ (my brother-in-law) was starting the lawn mower to give the back yard a spruce up before the guests arrived.

Image: On Any Sunday, mixed media, 90 x 180cm



Joy Wright
Adelaide, SA

Dementia is apparent in this portrait and shows confusion and depression and depicts the sadness of this present day disease.

Image: Demented, oil on canvas, 41 x 51cm 


Images used are detail of artworks submitted

People's Choice Award

The $1000 People’s Choice prize will be awarded at the close of the exhibition on Sunday 21 January 2018.

Voting is open until COB Friday 19 January 2018.

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