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Prospect is Rich in Investment Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in investing in City of Prospect.

Our beautiful inner urban, predominantly residential environment, rich in character and local heritage is highly sought after, made increasingly more attractive by its facilities, activities, tree lines streets, a vibrant arts and events calendar, Farmers Market and thriving “Village Heart”, bringing thousands of new visitors every year.


The arrival of the National Broadband Network, the NBN, truly sets us apart. We are the only City in the state with the fastest high speed broadband available to every house, apartment, shop, business, commercial or other premises from every side of the city to the other. We are digital ready like no other city, having already trained hundreds of local businesses in online optimisation and marketing, and thousands of local residents in accessing and using all that high speed high capacity internet access has to offer. As a result, we are recognised as one of Adelaide’s leading, liveable and integrated cities. We have a vibrant, enterprising and diverse business sector, an active community that embraces new technologies and a Council that understands it plays a key role in the development of our local economy.

Prospect Road Village Heart
全国宽带网络(NBN)的实现,则让我市的优势更为明显。普洛斯佩客市是全南澳唯一一个高速宽带网络入户的城市:我市每间公寓,每间别墅,每家商场,每个企业,城市任何一个地方都联通了告诉宽带网络。不同于其他城市,普洛斯佩客市已经做好准备,全面迎接“数字化”,上千家企业已经接受了网络优化和网络市场宣传的培训,而上千户居民也接受了宽带网络使用的培训。因此,普洛斯佩客市已经成为阿德莱德最先进、最宜居、最和谐的城市之一。 我市商务部门充满活力、积极进取、形式多样,活跃的社区不断接受新的科技,市政厅也清楚了解其在当地经济发展中的重要作用。

We are a community that welcomes and nurtures new ideas and new investment as much as we nurture and care for our citizens, young and old.


Consider becoming a valued partner in our community and how your future and ours could evolve together. Our mutual success will be applauded by the community and those that seek to follow in our footsteps.


Invest in the Future

Find some helpful details in the documents in this page, understand our current opportunities and partner in our plans for the future. Watch the video, read the stories, immerse yourself and realise your opportunities!


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For more information, a detailed Prospectus or confidential discussion please contact Council’s Director of Business and Economic Development, Mr Chris Hannaford on 8269 5355 or

希望获得更多信息和计划说明书,或者期望和我们进行不公开的沟通,请联系我市市政厅商务和经济部总监戈马特先生,联系电话:8269 5355或者发送邮件至