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What is the Referendum on Local Councils all about?

When our Constitution was written more than 112 years ago there was no mention of Federal Government funding for Local Government or community projects. 

This means there is now an unforeseen loophole in the way many community projects are currently funded. It means important funds for community projects are open to legal challenge because federal funding is not referred to in the Constitution. 

If any challenge is successful federal funding for important community facilities like ‘Roads to Recovery’, Child Care Centres, Aged Care Centres, Libraries, Community Sports Grounds, Recycling Stations and Public Parks may have to be withdrawn. 

That’s why there is a referendum to bring the Constitution up to date – to legitimise and clarify the way many important community projects are being funded. 

The Referendum is important to Local Government to ensure we continue to receive funding direct from the Federal Government for local projects. City of Prospect has received $4 million direct Federal Government money for a number of great projects in our community over recent years including:-

  • Prospect Oval Grandstand Upgrade ($1,750,000)
  • Thomas Street Centre Upgrade ($106,000)
  • Memorial Gardens Play Equipment ($53,000)
  • Roads to Recovery ($881,000 over 6 years for upgrades to Harrington Street, Churchill Road, Prospect Road, Cochrane Terrace, Newark Street and Princes Street)
  • Prospect Digital Hub ($375,000)
  • Digital Enterprise Program ($385,000)
  • Digital Local Government Program ($412,500)

Voting ‘Yes’ at the Referendum will ensure that important projects such as these continue within our local area. There is a useful reference document called “The Case for Change” that provides many of the reasons why a change to the constitution is necessary.

For more information, contact Kerry Loughhead, Manager Governance and Administration on 8269 5355 or via email.

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