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An expression of dissatisfaction with a product or service provided by Council or its representative that has failed to reach the standard stated, implied or expected. A complaint to Council may relate to a decision by Council or its employees which may affect a ratepayer, community member, organisation or business.

“The following is NOT considered a complaint:

• A request for Council services (unless it is a second request, where there was no response to the first).
• A request for documents, information or explanation of policies or procedures.
• A request for Council to exercise a regulatory function (unless it is a second request, where there was no response to the first).
• The lodging of an appeal or objection in accordance with a statutory process,, standard procedure or policy (unless this is recorded as a complaint about Council’s decision making. – this will be dealt with under Review of Council Decisions Policy).
• A submission relating to the exercise of a regulatory function (e.g. An objection to a development application or a submission on a policy).”

Source: Extract from Practice Note No 9 Joint publication of the NSW Ombudsman & NSW Dept of LG

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