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Asbestos Awareness

If you are thinking about renovating, you must be aware of how to safely manage asbestos in and around the home. Importantly, if you suspect you have asbestos in your home, you must seek professional advice prior to commencing works.

If your house was built or renovated before 1987, it is likely you have asbestos in your home. Asbestos was considered a versatile product, because it is able to withstand heat, erosion and decay, and has fire and water-resistant properties, so was widely used in a range of home building materials. If asbestos cement products are in sound condition and are not disturbed, it is unlikely that they would pose a significant health risk.

If disturbed, the asbestos dust and fibres can be dangerous to your health. Breathing in dust that contains asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. All products containing asbestos, even if a relatively low amount, are potentially dangerous if disturbed. As such, a licensed asbestos removalist should be engaged to remove and dispose of asbestos-containing products if you are renovating an older house.

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