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WTF: Not what you think

Prospect Gallery’s latest exhibition plays on the term WTF: typically expressed with surprise and alarm, and sometimes accompanying a realisation you’ve reached an age you previously associated with an older (and other) generation. WTF sets out to challenge viewer’s perceptions surrounding this inevitable rite of passage through life.

Everything gets old. Today’s new technology is tomorrow’s rubbish and the pace of redundancy is increasing. The world is full of things that haven’t kept up. The teapot has been replaced by tea in a bag. Pianos are now found on suburban nature strips, for free. 

These things, along with collections (matchboxes, cards, thimbles and watches) are thrown away, or may be hoarded as a response to anxiety that often accompanies change and loss. Old things can also entice us with their history by evoking memories of our own childhood or lives passed.

WTF is a show about the quickening pace of redundancy and consumerism brought together by artist group, Cornucopia. 

“Cornucopia have re-framed the WTF expression of incredulity and alarm to explore themes of change, redundancy, memory and the complex emotions that are part of the unstoppable march of time. Visitors to Wasted, Treasured, Forgotten are likely to form their own personal connection with many of the everyday objects and treasures featured throughout the exhibition,” said Mayor David O’Loughlin.

Many Australians share the common experience of moving from their home country to Australia. In this exhibition, Cornucopia artists are responding to their own immigrant backgrounds, and to family transitions experienced with aging and death. People viewing the exhibition may consider things that are not only commodities but also visual ties to past lives and places known as ‘home’. It serves as a reminder to us all how we remember and forget the past in an age clouded with an abundance of material possessions.

Launch: 3pm – 5pm, Sunday 25 September 
Mayor David O’Loughlin, City of Prospect
Where: Prospect Gallery, 1 Thomas St, Nailsworth
Runs: 25 September – 16 October 2016


For further information, please contact: 
CEO, Cate Atkinson, 8269 5355,
Mayor, David O'Loughlin, 0408 598 863,

Photo Blanket by Kocksi Thoelke

Image: Kocksi Thoelke,   Photo blanket , Mixed media, 200x250cm