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News & Media

Below you will find a list of the recent News and Media Releases from around our City.

International Intelligent Community Forum co-founder visits Adelaide

3 April 2017
John G Jung, has been at the forefront of the thinking around Smart Cities for a couple of decades. As well as being co-founder of Intelligent Community Forum, he is an award-winning registered urban planner, urban designer, economic developer, author and global speaker on planning, development, urban design and economic development related issues, especially related to smart cities and ‘intelligent communities’.

Latest exhibition: As The Crow Flies

22 March 2017
John Martin, once again, takes us on a journey through the unique South Australian landscape bringing to us a series of artworks that capture the essence of the countryside in conjunction with the ever popular bird, the crow. The works represent memories of holidays spent with family near Pt Augusta and McLaren Vale and the bird that featured heavily in the landscape with its mournful craw and sleek black silhouette.

Future of State heritage-listed Tram Barn inspires passionate public interest

22 March 2017
The potential sale of City of Prospect’s much loved old Tram Barn, located on Council’s current Main North Road depot site, has inspired several members of the community to rally together to propose various options for its re-use.

Our resilient planet

24 January 2017
Have we reached the Tipping Point, the critical point that leads to a new and irreversible development, for our planet?

Fastest Free Public WiFi in South Australia Starts in Prospect

19 January 2017
City of Prospect successfully tested its Prospect Free WiFi at the Tourrific Prospect Street party on 17 January. Prospect now has the fastest free public WiFi on any main street in South Australia.

'We gather, we make' - Outskirts

18 October 2016
They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But what if we take it one step further and turn this trash into art? Art that one day may be priceless?

WTF: Not what you think

5 September 2016
Prospect Gallery’s latest exhibition plays on the term WTF: typically expressed with surprise and alarm, and sometimes accompanying a realisation you’ve reached an age you previously associated with an older (and other) generation. WTF sets out to challenge viewer’s perceptions surrounding this inevitable rite of passage through life.

Prospect Explores Innovation in Health

29 July 2016
City of Prospect is actively exploring opportunities for health and innovation following a pivotal meeting with key decision makers, including Hisense, one of the world's leading electronics companies.

Bring on the Small Bars

13 July 2016
Vibrant City of Prospect is right behind the push to allow small bar liquor licensing in its realm. The city has actively encouraged the LGA to lobby the state government to allow businesses beyond the CBD to participate in small bar license trials.

Beneath the Stone - More than meets the eye

21 June 2016
The complex relationship of humans and animals, as alike and unalike, permeates the theme of this exhibition. Beneath the Stone draws on animals and nature as metaphor for the human experience in this show; it’s what unifies the diverse range of exhibitors and artworks.
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