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Brochures & Fact Sheets

The Brochures & Fact Sheets of the City of Prospect are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

To view these documents you will need to have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed click here to install the latest version.

To download a document in PDF format right click on the link and select "save target as" and then save to your PC.

pdf 2008-2011 Strategic Economic Plan(2345 kb)

pdf A Guide for Sport and Recreation Organisations(911 kb)

pdf Community Connections - A Simple Guide to Local Government(1367 kb)

pdf Cycle Trails - In Search of Narnu Wirra(2689 kb)

pdf Cycle Trails - Park to Park(2727 kb)

pdf Dog Laws(41 kb)

pdf Eco-Friendly Advice for DIY Projects(246 kb)

pdf Ern Sconce Rotary Park - Historical Interpretive Plant Trail(1784 kb)

pdf Exercising Your Dog in the City of Prospect(340 kb)

pdf Exhibitions Program(15 kb)

pdf Fair Dealing Copyright Rules(111 kb)

pdf Fences and the Law(772 kb)

pdf Keeping Poultry and Other Birds Brochure(497 kb)

pdf Kondoli poster(1215 kb)

pdf Our Generation - BBQ Buddies Brochure(277 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Fishing Buddies Brochure(265 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Friends of the Animals Brochure(323 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Friends of the Arts Brochure(4263 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Friends of the Zoo Brochure(247 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Mobile Garden Brochure(260 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Outings for Eight Brochure(258 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Tech Team Brochure(2656 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Up The Garden Path Brochure(335 kb)

pdf Our Generation - Volunteers on Wheels Brochure(352 kb)

pdf Parks(126 kb)

pdf Parks and Reserves - Conditions of Use(66 kb)

pdf Plant me instead - How does your garden grow(1743 kb)

pdf Plant Trail(407 kb)

pdf Postponement of Rates for Seniors - Fact Sheet(70 kb)

pdf Rates Fact Sheets(290 kb)

pdf Rules for Using Online Resources(211 kb)

pdf Service Clubs(64 kb)

pdf So You Want to be on Council(227 kb)

pdf Statement on Free Access to Information(16 kb)

pdf Statement on Online Content Regulations(14 kb)

pdf Terms & Conditions of Purchase or Contract(25 kb)

pdf Youth Services Pocket Card(1342 kb)

Planning & Building Fact Sheets

pdf Asbestos: A Guide for Householders and the General Public(4682 kb)

pdf Building with NBN(737 kb)

pdf Historic Conservation Zone and Policy Areas(1552 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 01 - Development Application Checklist(222 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 02 - Development Assessment Process and Public Notification(236 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 03 - Change in Use and Home Activity(223 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 04 - Carports Verandahs and Sheds(401 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 05 - Pergolas Shade Sails and Verandahs(234 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 06 - Solar Panels Satellite Dishes and Rainwater Tanks(390 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 07 - Swimming Pools and Spas(231 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 08 - Fences and Retaining Walls(219 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 09 - Regulated and Significant Trees(545 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 10 - Demolition(214 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 11 - Signage(401 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 12 - Development Plan and Property Zoning(2480 kb)

pdf Information Sheet 13 - Design Review Process(427 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 01 - Residential Policy Area B200(244 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 02 - Residential Policy Area A350(249 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 03 - Residential Policy Area A450(250 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 04 - Residential Policy Area A560(248 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 05 - Urban Corridor Business Policy Area(1231 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 06 - Urban Corridor Boulevard Policy Area(2214 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 07 - Urban Corridor High Street Policy Area(2242 kb)

pdf Zone Information Sheet 08 - Urban Corridor Transit Living Policy Area(1781 kb)

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