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This page provides information about the streets and footpath services provided by Council for people living within the City of Prospect.

Street Lights

To report a faulty street light, register the location through SA Power Networks at their website.

Footpath Maintenance

If you have a request or query about the condition of your footpath please contact us.

Once a request has been received a Council Officer will inspected the footpath and determine if any trip hazards are present.  If there are trip hazards identified they will be evaluated using the Footpath Trip Hazard Evaluations (see below). Any issues determined to be a Category 1 will be addressed by our Rapid Response Team, all other issues will be referred to our Precinct Service Program.

Our Rapid Team needs to service the requirements of the entire community in terms of addressing urgent and very high priority hazards including trip hazards, road hazards, storm damage, tree trimming, immediately as they are identified. For these reasons it is important to effectively manage which works are undertaken by the Rapid Response Team to ensure that the most extreme hazards are addressed and risk to the community minimised. Due to these reasons the Rapid Response Team addresses all Category 1 hazards in the first instance and all hazards classed as Category 2 and 3 will be attended to by our Precinct Services Team.

The Precinct Services Program is a cyclic maintenance program scheduled to visit each street within the City once every two years, and focuses on addressing critical footpath tripping points, removing low hanging branches from street trees, boundary prunes, patching pot holes, weeding, weed spraying of verges, and repair or replacement of signage.

View our Precinct Service Program timetable under Related Resources.



The evaluation process for footpaths relates to the risk management processes. The main criteria for evaluation are: severity of the damage, the frequency of use, the proximity to aged care facilities, hospitals or schools.

There are three categories relating to the severity of the damage to the footpath and three categories relating to frequency of use.

The severity categories were based on the height of the trip hazard (displacement).

The three categories are:

Category 1:       Displacements greater than 20mm.
Category 2:       Displacements between 10mm to 20mm.
Category 3:       Displacements less than 10mm.

In relation to precinct works, Categories 1 would be repaired or replaced dependant on individual hazard assessment by the supervisor; Category 2 sites would be completed if time permits, or logged in a database for the next return to the precinct

The frequency of use categories were based on pedestrian usage, and identified areas throughout the municipality where pedestrian use is likely to be high, and also considered the type of users.

The three categories are:

1.       High pedestrian usage – eg. Around shopping centres and railway stations.
2.       Medium pedestrian usage – eg. Around schools, nursing homes and aged care facilities.
3.       Low usage – general local residential streets without schools, nursing homes and bus routes.

Areas where the severity is Rating 1 (ie. Greater than 20mm displacement) and the frequency of use is Rating 1, these sites were regarded as high risk sites, and were given a high priority for repair.

Footpath Reconstruction

Our Footpath Reconstruction Program aims to replace all the Asphalt/Bitumen footpaths within the entire City of Prospect with Block Paved paths by the year 2020.

Council has agreed to undertake this work in stages, through Capital Works Programs spaning over each financial year period. The programs are predetermined by condition assessments undertaken on all Asphalt/bitumen Footpaths and arranged from “worst to best” with reconstruction beginning with the worst footpaths, those which present the most risk.

Whilst this may mean that in some instances one side of your street may be earmarked for reconstruction in a different year to the opposite side of the street, it will mean that the worst conditioned paths will be addressed first in order to minimise the risk to the community.

You can view our current Footpath Reconstruction Program under Related Resources.

At this stage, there are no programs in place to reconstruct Concrete Footpaths. Concrete footpaths within the City of Prospect tend to be of better condition and present a much lower level of risk than asphalt/bitumen footpaths and as such at this stage, they will be monitored and maintained through concrete edge grinding and minor repair works. 

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