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Preventing Stormwater pollution

Every person, business and industry has a responsibility to protect the Environment. The Environment Protection Authority and Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board have developed a range of fact sheets that different industries can use to manage and prevent stormwater pollution occurring as a result of their activities or processes.

The Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Boards Stormwater Pollution Prevention Fact Sheets are available at:

The options available to businesses to prevent stormwater pollution may be simple such as dry sweeping a work area instead of hosing it down or it may involve the installation of some infrastructure such as bunding. The following photographs show inappropriate and appropriate storage of waste materials, waste motor oil and wastewater from building activities.

 Stormwater Pollution 1

waste storage (and loading) (before) - stormwater pollution to site and roadway.
[Source: EPA]

Stormwater Pollution 2 

Appropriate (after). The drain will catch any seepage from the waste and direct it the sewer.
[Source: EPA]

Stormwater Pollution 3

Inappropriate waste motor oil storage - stormwater pollution.
[Source: EPA]

Stormwater Pollution 4

Appropriate storage of waste motor oil in a roofed bunded area.
[Source: EPA]

Stormwater Pollution 5

Inappropriate containment of wastewater from building and construction activities leading to pollution entering the adjacent stormwater drain.
[Source: EPA]

 Stormwater pollution 6

Appropriate containment of wastewater from building and construction activities using a sand bag being undertaken in a designated area.
[Source: EPA]


Information sourced from the EPA's Guidelines and Information Sheets and Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Boards Stormwater Pollution Prevention Information Sheets. Photographs used with permission of the EPA.

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