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Stormwater Protection

Since 1998 the Street Smart River Clean (SSRC) Project has been working to reduce the pollution in stormwater flowing from our Council area. The project involved providing businesses and the community with information on how to prevent pollution of our stormwater system. Under the SSRC Project many of the commercial and retail businesses in the Council area have been visited and provided with advice and educational materials for preventing stormwater pollution form their activities.

With the introduction of the mandatory requirements in the Water Quality Policy (and associated Codes of Practice) and given that a majority of businesses within the Council area had been visited (and some revisited) during the Street Smart River Clean Project, the City of Prospect and the Torrens Catchment Water Management Board have recognised the importance of the protecting our waterways by providing funding to employ a Stormwater Compliance Officer, to be responsible for the City of Prospect Stormwater Protection Project .

As part of this project the officer will be responsible for undertaking compliance audits of the commercial and retail sector, the building and construction industry and the mobile business sector. Each business or site will be audited against the requirements of the Water Quality Policy (and relevant code of practice) to determine their level of compliance.

Each business or site will be provided with information of activities or processes that are not in compliance with the Water Quality Policy, provided with advice on how the situation can be rectified to ensure compliance and given a timeframe in which the situation must be rectified.

All businesses (including mobile businesses) or sites that are non-compliant with the mandatory provisions of the Water Quality Policy risk enforcement (as discussed above).

The officer will also be responsible for handling and responding to complaints received at the Council relating to potential and actual stormwater pollution. Where necessary, enforcement action will be taken.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater that flows from roofs, driveways, gutters and roads into the stormwater system. It is separate to sewage system which collects wastewater form pipeStormwater - Polluted Fishs and drains from inside buildings. Unlike sewage which takes wastewater to treatment works before being piped to sea or irrigated over land, stormwater is untreated and flows directly to our natural waterways (creeks, rivers, wetlands and oceans).

Where does our Stormwater go?

A majority of the stormwater that runs into our gutters and streets is directed to the Hindmarsh Enfield Prospect (HEP) Channel via a series of underground pipes and culverts. This then flows to the Barker Inlet Wetlands before flowing into the Port River.

Stormwater from a small portion in the south eastern section of the council area flow directly to the River Torrens.

What is Stormwater pollution?

Anything other than clean rainwater is considered to be contaminated or polluted stormwater.

Stormwater pollution can be divided into three categories:

  • Natural - organic material such as leaves, grass clippings and sediment
  • Chemical - such as detergents, coolant, oil, grease, fertiliser and paint
  • Litter - such as plastic bags and cigarette butts.

Clean stormwater travels over land and may pick up all kinds of these pollutants, and because stormwater is untreated, they are directly transported to our waterways.

Why protect our waterways?

Whilst there are no wetlands or natural water courses in the City of Prospect the quality of the stormwater leaving the area can still have an impact on the environment. Stowmwater leaving the City of Prospect, runs through the Hindmarsh Enfield Prospect Channel via the Barker Inlet wetlands to the Port River before entering St Vincent's Gulf. So any pollution being carried in our stormwater directly impacts on the health of the environment (including fish, the Port River Dolphins, aquatic plants, etc.). So it is vitally important that we minimise the amount of pollution leaving our council area via the stormwater system.

For information of the environmental impacts of different pollutants on our waterways, download some of the documents from Related Resources, or follow the link below.


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