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Sustainable 1000 S1K

Want to be more profitable and reduce your environmental impact?

Modern business practices need to consider many environmental issues. Many small businesses are faced with limitation on water supply, rising energy prices, or intense public scrutiny, while others are faced with many choices in their purchasing of environmentally sound products.

City of Prospect in collaboration with Zero Waste SA and Village Green Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd (Village Green - the preferred supplier to the Sustainable 1000 program) has recognised, through working at a grass roots level with small business over the past seven years, that often these issues blend into one. Some refer to this inertia, created in business as a result of the surrounding environmental noise, generated through media, suppliers and our communities.

Businesses generally see this as a distraction from their core activities, and as such struggle to see the true value in adopting changes that will benefit their environment, community and bottom line performance.

Village Green asks business owners these pertinent questions, "What are you doing to mitigate your risk to rising energy pricing and how are you protecting your profitability from rising resource costs in the future?" It is at this point we start to gainthe business owner's attention.

Sustainability requires a better understanding of what systems are needed to support a business, whilst understanding how day to day activities can simultaneously affect our economy, environment and community. The Sustainable 1000 program provides a tailored solution to local business communities by understanding and reporting on multiple Sustainable Business Management (SBM) Programmes, designed to assist the transition to sustainability.

If your business is keen to address its ecological footprint, reduce its contribution to climate change and reduce its business costs contact the Environment Department on the numbers on the right of the page, 

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