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Justices of the Peace

Local Justices of the Peace volunteer their time to provide a free JP Service to the Community.

* All JP times may change at short notice *

It is advisable to phone Customer Service to confirm that a JP will be available at the allocated time.

Civic Centre, 128 Prospect Road, Prospect 8269 5355

Prospect Library, 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth 8342 8170

Monday  |  Civic Centre


9am-11am – B Brown

11am-1pm – C Whiteside

1pm-4pm – D Williamson

Tuesday  |  Civic Centre 

9am-11am – J Ely

11am-1pm - P Mancini

1pm-4pm – A Charlton


Wednesday  |  Civic Centre

10am-12pm – R Harvey

12pm-2pm – D Henderson

2pm-4pm – V O’Connell

Thursday  |  Library      

10.30am-12.30pm – R Davey

12.30pm-2pm – G LeHuy

2pm-4pm – K Mayger

Friday  |  Civic Centre

9am-11am – C Whiteside

11am-1pm – J Dwyer

1pm-4pm – A Charlton

*Please be aware the times that the JPs are available is subject to change without notice.

Alternatively, you can locate a Justice of the Peace in your area by searching the Attourney General Department's database


Register your interest to Volunteer   
If you are a registered Justice of the Peace and would like to be a part of the City of Prospect JP Program, please contact the Community & Volunteer Programs Coordinator on 8342 8059 or send an email.

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