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Graffiti is the deliberate act of defacing public or private private property without the owner's permission. Graffiti put on a wall without permission is viewed as vandalism regardless of it's artistic merits.

City of Prospect recognises that graffiti has a significant financial and social impact on the community and has a negative impact on the well being and sense of pride of its communities.

City of Prospect is committed to reduce the incidence of graffiti on public and private property by assisting in both it's removal and prevention. Council will encourage measures for the prevention of graffiti on all public property and report incidents of graffiti on property or assets not owned or controlled by Council to the relevant authorities for action.

Prospect Council aims to work in partnership with people that live, work and conduct business in the area to encourage, promote and provide a clean City environment that is largely graffiti-free, welcoming and safe.

To deal with graffiti, Council;

  • provides free graffiti removal kits
  • coordinates a community volunteer removal program 
  • removes graffiti as soon as possible
  • reports graffiti for removal
Report graffiti as a crime to Police

Without your help to report and reduce the amount of graffiti vandalism in your area the blight will continue.

The 3 phone numbers (Australia wide)  that can be used to report incidences to the Police are:
  • 000 - for Police attendance (in the case of personal threat or injury)
  • 131 444 - Graffiti in progress or to report a crime 
  • 1800 333 000 Crime Stoppers (toll free) - Information of known offenders or illegal activity
Reporting graffiti for removal

Green Transformer Boxes/Stobie Poles
SA Power Networks 13 12 61 (General Enquiries)

Railway Station Buildings
Trans Adelaide 8218 4046

Bus Stop Poles
Passenger Transport Board 8303 0547

Letter Boxes
Australia Post 13 13 18 (press 5)

Phone boxes/Silver Pillar
Telstra 180 2244

Traffic Light Control Boxes/Poles
Traffic Control Centre 1800 018 313

Council Buildings/Fences/Road Signs
City of Prospect 8269 5355


Graffiti Removal - Do It Yourself

Removing graffiti is usually not a difficult task, particularly if the damage has occurred recently.

Remove graffiti with a brush or scourer and soapy water, or try rubbing with turpentine or methylated spirits. Paint over graffiti, it's quick, cheap and simple. Keep a supply of the matching paint to quickly reapply if graffiti reappears.

If the above do not work, chemical measures may be necessary - contact Council for a free graffiti removal kit (some conditions do apply). To register for a graffiti removal kit, please print off a Registration Form and return completed form to City of Prospect:

Kits will be delivered to your home on a Monday following your registration (public holidays excluded).


Community Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program

Graffiti removal in the community is strongly supported by dedicated community volunteers. Join an active team of men and women to paint out or remove unsightly graffiti in your area.

Council will provide you with free training, materials and safety equipment. Work independently or be part of a team using equipment on a fully equipped trailer. 

Interested? Contact the Community and Volunteer Programs Coordinator on 8342 8059.


Graffiti Prevention

The following strategies can help to prevent graffiti:

  • Vegetation - shrubs and bushy plants near buildings help restrict access to walls or views into buildings
  • Lighting - a well-lit area may deter vandalism
  • Legal art and murals - vandals seldom attack the work of other artists
  • Paints and coatings - always keep extra paint of the same colour as your walls, fences and other painted surfaces
  • Graffiti resistant surfaces - try to avoid plain, smooth surfaces
  • Securing your property - secure items such as benches, barbecues and wheelie bins so that they can't be used to gain access to walls or rooftops
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