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Other Animals

Rats and Mice 

To assist in the control of rats and mice rodent bait is available from the Council. A baiting service is also provided free of charge for aged or disabled residents and anyone experiencing a persistent rodent problem.

Domestic Birds 

Poultry (fowls, ducks, geese or turkeys) or pigeons may be kept provided they are not considered to be a nuisance or a hazard to the health and/or safety of neighbours.

Council is empowered to deal with various circumstances where the keeping of birds or animals is considered to be inappropriate.

Keeping Poultry and Other Birds Brochure A%20Guide%20to%20Keeping%20Poultry%20and%20Other%20Birds%20Brochure (498 kb)

Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons can be a nuisance around the home and there are several methods that residents can implement to reduce their impact. The document below provides residents several techniques to reduce the impact of feral pigeons.

City of Prospect has recently adopted a position to try and control the excessive number of feral pigeons within our city. This process is aimed at reducing numbers at several Council sites where they have become a nuisance and health issue.

Feral pigeons are descendants of domestic homing pigeons that were introduced to Australia from Europe. Urban areas provide ideal nesting areas for feral pigeons combined with ample readily available food and water supplies. Pigeons are capable of breeding throughout the year and do dot migrate far from their birthplace; this can make it difficult to remove them from their location.

Feral Pigeon Control Information Sheet(70 kb)


For information regarding snakes please go to Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR).
If you discover a snake on your property you can contact the following businesses:

  • SnakeAway Services on 0413 511 335 or visit their website
  • Adelaide Snake Catchers on 0413 635 373 and speak to Rudy.

Please note that Council is not responsible for removal of snakes or any costs that may be involved by contacting private businesses.


Foxes are one of the most successful predators in the world. They are prevalent throughout South Australia including urban areas and the city.

Foxes will enter your property in search of food, such as chickens, rabbits, lizards and other wildlife. City of Prospect offers a trapping service if foxes are entering your property.

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