Past Exhibitions

4 July – 11 August 2019 | Celebrating NAIDOC

Minyma Tjurkurpa by Angela Watson  

Various Media

Selected works from the Adelaide Festival Centre Works of Art Collection NAIDOC celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life.

NAIDOC is a national week-long celebration focusing on the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Curated by Sarah Northcott, this exhibition recognises NAIDOC with a selection of works by contemporary Indigenous artists. In a unique opportunity, these works have been generously loaned to Prospect Gallery from the Adelaide Festival Centre Works of Art Collection.

Spanning photography, figurative, and non-figurative painting, these works have been selected to show the breadth of styles and mediums, cultures and stories in the diverse contemporary practices of South Australian and National Indigenous artists.


16 May - 23 June 2019 | Wonder: We All Eat Cake

 Wonder - DreamBIG   

Featuring the work of students from local Prospect Primary Schools:
Black Friars Priory School ELC–6, Prospect Primary, Prospect North Primary
and Nailsworth Primary.

 An exhibition examining how children see themselves and others, celebrating our difference and commonality. 

Wonder is an art exhibition by primary school students exploring their thoughts around the concept of “how other people see me”. Curious about others, children often wonder if others are curious about them - what do others think about me? My clothes, my food, my music, my hobbies, my traditions and my family? Is it the same as the way I see or think about myself?

Wonder is an important reminder that while we may look and behave differently, we all eat cake!

Wonder was part of the DreamBIG Festival, South Australia’s iconic biennial arts festival for schools and families that places its audience at the centre of fresh, inventive, imaginative and inspiring arts experiences. More than 2 million South Australian children have participated in the festival since its inception in 1974 (as Come Out Festival), and it remains an intrinsic part of growing up in South Australia. It ran from 22 May to 1 June 2019.


28 March - 5 May 2019 | True North

Melanie Crawford - Light's Vision  

Acrylic on Canvas

Melanie Crawford

True North is an exploration and celebration of place, connection and belonging. Crawford moved from Sydney to Adelaide in late 2016 and has settled into the Prospect area. As an accomplished abstract artist, Crawford's paintings reveal and conceal multiple textural layers representing time, memory and emotion.


Image: Melanie Crawford, Light's Vision, acrylic on canvas, 122cm x 152cm (detail)


7 February - 17 March 2019 | Napalm Jane and the Martian Hammers from Nowhere

Napalm Jane and the Martian Hammers from Nowhere


Mixed media

Dave Smith

Like the co-contributory nature inherent in urban wall paintings, writings, drawings, stencils, sprayings, paste-ups and damage created by anonymous individuals, the mixed media works’ presented reference and sample visual and textual symbols past and present juxtaposing them within the same pictorial plane and recontextualizing them toward a contemporary narrative.

Image: Dave Smith, Napalm Jane, mixed media on canvas, 150 x 90cm (detail)


9 December 2018 – 27 January 2019 | 20th Prospect Community Show

20th Prospect Community Art Show

Various media

Local Artists

The 20th Prospect Community Show celebrates enduring local community support and participation in the visual arts. Created by residents or those with a strong connection to Prospect, the artworks are a celebration of creative expression and culture in a civic context.

Image: Paul Zalkauskas, Heart, Copper brass and steel, 40 x 20 x 12cm (detail)

25 October – 25 November | Wisdom from a Fold-Up Boat

Wisdom from a Fold-Up Boat

Installation, photography

Peter Lindon

A small boat investigates the driest state of the driest continent. Familiar places turn out to have other dimensions. And the slower you go the more you see. There’s a wisdom in that boat. Is it despite or because of its folly?

Opening Night event

Boaties Special event

13 September – 14 October | Relative to Loss

Relative to Loss

Photography and text

Emiko Artemis

Photographic based self-portraiture
with text utilising masking and landscapes to create emotive scenes dealing with issues of displacement, loss and mourning. These works explore the intersection of body, psyche and environment.

Invitation: Relative to Loss(118 kb)

Exhibition Notes: Relative to Loss(332 kb)

Image: Emiko Artemis, Enter the crystal palace the keeper (detail), archival digital print, 95 x 75cm

2 August – 31 August | SLOW


Various media

Members of Prospect Arts Action Network

PAAN puts Slowness into focus and finds a jewel with many facets; coarse to fine, the song of time, and languid meandering.

Invitation - SLOW(1650 kb)

Catalogue - SLOW(1849 kb)


21 June - 22 July | Heart Pieces

Heart Pieces

Various media

Suzanne Verrall and Dani Burbrook

A text based installation comprising six triptychs and foley soundtrack. Visitors are
physically contained within the words thus reversing the traditional relationship
between reader and book-based text. The soundtrack supports the reading experience by creating an aural scaffold.

Please join us for the exhibition launch Thursday 21 June at 6pm

Left: Dani Burbrook and Suzanne Verrall

Invitation: Heart Pieces(1536 kb)

Heart Pieces - context statement(76 kb)



3 May – 10 June | The History of Prospect in Posters

Screen print

Various artists

To coincide with South Australia’s History Festival, an exhibition of screen-printed posters from the 1970s and 1980s produced by the Community Association of Prospect (CAP) Poster Collective and the Studio of Ann Newmarch.

 Please join us for the exhibition launch Thursday 3 May at 6pm

Left: Wendy Chapman, Untitled, screen print, 45 x 60cm

Invitation: The History of Prospect in Posters(136 kb)

Catalogue: The History of Prospect in Posters(14594 kb)


22 March – 22 April | 30/30 Vision: Thirty Years of the Prospect Gallery

Extended to 24 April

50/50 Fiddlesticks, Ann Newmarch

Various media

Various artists

30/30 Vision showcases works of art drawn from Prospects Civic Art Collection in celebration of 30 years of the Prospect Gallery. A leader in community arts, the Gallery was officially opened in November 1988, and was the first purpose-built local government arts space in South Australia.

Left: Ann Newmarch, 50/50 Fiddlesticks, pastel on arches paper, 68 x 68cm

30-30 Vision: Curator's Essay(423 kb)


16 February - 18 March | African Marangi

Different But One

Acrylic on canvas

Ronnie Ogwang and Charles Wasswa Rugumayo

Marangi is a Swahili word meaning Colours. Over 40 paintings depicting the way of life, environment and economic living of communities in Africa. Paintings include
imaginative compositions derived from everyday life experience and the inspirations of nature.

Left: Ronnie Ogwang, Different But One-2, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90cm

26 November 2017 – 28 January 2018 | 9th Prospect Portrait Prize

Margaret Ambridge, What Remains

Various Media

Various Artists

The longest running portrait prize in South Australia, the Prospect Portrait Prize is a juried exhibition of contemporary portraits in any medium. 

Left: Margaret Ambridge, What Remains, charcoal on film, 80 x 105cm
Winner of the 9th Prospect Portrait Prize

Major Sponsor: Terry Howe Printing Services

Media Release - 9th Prospect Portrait Prize Opening(39 kb)

Media Release - Prospect Portrait Prize(37 kb)

15 October – 12 November | Transmitting Cultural Memory

We Regret......, Susan Bruce

Video and digital images

Susan Bruce and Keith Giles

Transmitting Cultural Memory will consist of photographs and moving image work that examines the personal through the remembered past and engagement with the body.

Left: Susan Bruce, We Regret......, Screenshot 3:04min, 2016

10 September – 8 October | Beastie Boy

A Big Fat Orangutan in a Biohazard Suit Feeling Happy and Putting His Thumbs Up, Kurt Bosecke

Paintings with mixed media and drawing

Kurt Bosecke

Be hurled into the psychedelic, parallel world of Beastie Boy. A keen exploration of anthropomorphism through hybridity, colour and pattern.

Left: A Big Fat Orangutan in a Biohazard Suit Feeling Happy and Putting His Thumbs Up, acrylic and ink makers on paper, 420 x 297mm

6 August – 3 September | Side by Side II

You can't take it with you, Berenice Carrington

Various media

Fran Callen, Nadia Caon, Ursula Halpin, Declan Lee, Bridgette Minuzzo, Lee Salomone, Helen Sherriff

With a nod to the Side by Side exhibition of 2005, Prospect Gallery brings recently acquired artworks from City of Prospect’s collection and artworks made in response to these works by invited artists.

Invitation - Side by Side II(1856 kb)

Media Release - Side by Side II(445 kb)

Catalogue - Side by Side II(545 kb)

Left: Berenice Carrington, You can't take it with you, charcoal on paper, 150 x 180cm, City of Prospect Art Collection

25 June – 23 July | A Prospect of Prospects

Goethe’s Works, Stephanie Radok

2D and 3D installation

Stephanie Radok

An examination of what the past means and how locality affects us. Are we stitched out of what came before us or is it possible to form something new? What is our responsibility towards the past?

Left: Goethe’s Works, pigment mica plaster, 2012

Media Release - A Prospect of Prospects(207 kb)

Invitation - A Prospect of Prospects(125 kb)

7 May – 11 June | Form and Re-Form

Composite arrangement of garments and sewing notions, Annabelle Collett

Textiles and mixed mediums

Annabelle Collett and Jeff Trahair

Deconstructed, conceptual clothing forms next to detailed, tailored garments. The juxtaposition and overlapping conversations between these works highlight the tactile and evocative qualities of clothing.

Artist Talk - Jeff Trahair
Jeff Trahair will discuss how the art of clothing can communicate current themes and ideas regarding gender, conventions and fashion.
Saturday 3 June, 2pm at Prospect Gallery. No bookings required.

Left: Annabelle Collett, Composite arrangement of garments and sewing notions

26 March - 23 April | As the Crow Flies

Ahead of the Rain, John Martin


John Martin

An exhibition of etchings, lino prints and drawings celebrating the South Australian landscape and the iconic bird, the crow.

Left: Ahead of the Rain, two plate colour etching, 6 x 11cm, 2016

12 February – 12 March | Tipping Point

The Wallace Line, Sum Woon Chow


Sum Woon Chow

A series of abstract compositions, Tipping Point ruminates on the resilience of our planet trialled by pollution, destruction of nature and anomalous carbon level.

Left: The Wallace Line 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 122 x 91cm

Invitation - Tipping Point(117 kb)

Media Release - Tipping Point(599 kb)


4 December - 22 January | 19th Prospect Community Show

19th Community Show opening

Various 2D & 3D

Local artists

The 19th Prospect Community Show is a glorious showcase of artworks made by people of Prospect. The artworks are made by anyone who lives or works or has
a strong connection with City of Prospect.

Left: 18th Prospect Community Show opening, photo by John Nieddu

Invitation - 19th Prospect Community ART Show(422 kb)


30 October - 20 November | Outskirts

Outskirts - Jayne Langford

2D & 3D, mixed and collage

Gary Campbell, Jaynie Langford, Ewa Skoczynska

Three artists all interested in re-inventing and transforming objects of no apparent consequence into art.

Left: Jaynie Langford, Industrial Weaving (work in progress), dimensions variable, materials: mobile phone cords.


25 September – 16 October 2016 | WTF - Wasted, Treasured, Forgotten

WTF - Janice Lane

Various, including found objects and artist’s books

Cornucopia Artists - Janice Lane, Kocksi Thoelke, Shelley Li, Jane Van Mierle,
Anna Mycko and Kveta Deans

Cornucopia artists use old, treasured and forgotten items to explore notions
of memory, longing and redundancy.

Left: I’ll Be There, oil on linen mounted in found brass cigar case with artist book,
9.2 x 7 x 2cm.
Photo Yasmin Washbrooke

Invitation - Wasted Treasured Forgotten(1268 kb)

Media Release - WTF: Not what you think

7 August – 13 September 2016 | Paandemonium

Various mediums

Prospect Arts Action Network Artists

Casting off limitations and crossing boundaries, PAAN launch from the restraints
of old to paandemonium.

Image: Sue Michael, The Restless Ocean, acrylic on canvas
120 x 150cm, 2016

Invitation - Paandemonium(100 kb)

Media Release - Paandemonium(625 kb)

19 June – 17 July 2016 | Beneath the Stone

Beneath the Stone - Sarah Campbell


Alycia Bennett, Caitlin Bowe, Sarah Campbell, Elizabeth Lange, Pedro Shi, Claudia Smith
Curatorial Advisor Lauren Mustillo

Through a series of visual representations, this exhibition explores animals as a metaphor for human emotion and experience, and as a vehicle for expressing an inner self.

Left: Sarah Campbell, Character edits, charcoal on paper, 59 x 83 cm

Invitation - Beneath the Stone(82 kb)

Media Release - Beneath the Stone(270 kb)

15 May - 5 June 2016 | Temporal Fragments

Temporal Fragments - Alexander Arcus

Paintings in oils on canvas and gouache on paper

Alexander Arcus

An exhibition of miniature paintings in gouache and large oil paintings that use abstraction to express a variety of concepts from the temporality of personal
existence to the desire for a greater individual freedom.

Left: Breaking the Glass, oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm.

Media Release - Temporal Fragments.pdf(812 kb)

Invitation - Temporal Fragments(428 kb)

Catalogue - Temporal Fragments(13143 kb)

3 - 24 April 2016 | The Desert Atlas... Woven from Memory

Desert Weave - Koruna Schmidt-Mumm

2D works on paper, canvas and cloth

Koruna Schmidt-Mumm

An exploration of the ‘maps’ created by women who weave carpets using patterns that were passed down from generation to generation.

Left: Koruna Schmidt-Mumm, Desert Weave 1, oil, wax, pigment on canvas,
80 x 50cm

Media Release - The Desert Atls: Woven from Memory(183 kb)

Invitation: The Desert Atlas: Woven from Memory(277 kb)

7 February – 13 March 2016 | Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side - Cindy Durant


T’Arts Textiles and Arts Collective

A collective of artists who display and retail their art in a gallery in Gay's Arcade. Pushing their individual practices further, the artists explore their wild side in this show of inventive and inspiring works.

Left: Cindy Durant, A Mermaid’s Collection, glass, silver necklace, earrings, pendant.

‘There are no ideas too wild and no dreams too big’ Anonymous

Invitation - Walk on the Wild Side(263 kb)

Media Release - Walk On The Wild Side(207 kb)

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