Prospect Gallery History

The buildings which now house the Prospect Gallery, Library and Local History Collection were originally built for the Department of Education in 1881 as Nailsworth Primary School.

In 1925, the building that was the Headmaster's residence was converted into a domestic arts centre. Over the years the school expanded and was relocated into new buildings, and the original residence known as "The Cottage" was used as the base for the Council's Stobie Pole Project and for life drawing classes.

In 1988, with the aid of a bicentennial grant, the Prospect Gallery was built linking the Cottage and Prospect Library. The Gallery was officially opened in November 1988 with the Fifth Prospect Community Exhibition. The Cottage was refurbished and is now known as the Studio. In January 1989 the first Director of the Gallery was employed to oversee the exhibitions program and cultural development in Prospect.

Art projects in the City of Prospect such as the History of Australia mural, the Arts Path, the Stobie Pole project and the local history work formed the basis for the Prospect Gallery.

Prospect Gallery is the first arts space to be purpose-built by a local government in South Australia.

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