Community Service Awards

Fall Into Autumn Activity Guide


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Housing Diversity and Desirable Neighbourhoods Study

Do you value the local housing and character in your area? Does the existing housing in Prospect meet your current and future needs? Let us know your views!

New public artwork

Through the City Wide Public Art Roundtable, artist John Hayward was commissioned to design, build and install a public artwork within a garden plot adjacent Menzies Crescent, Prospect.

Community Bus program review

Council is reviewing the Community Bus program. Two small buses are provided to assist our residents with a low-cost transport option. Is this investment providing the best possible outcomes for our communities? Let us know!

Resilient East - Heat Mapping

City of Prospect is a part of the Resilient East initiative that recently undertook Heat Mapping to identify urban heat islands, which will assist in prioritising canopy and green cover activities on Council land.