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New laws for cat and dog owners will come into effect on 1 July 2018.

  • Mandatory microchipping of cats and dogs
  • Desexing of dogs and cats born after the 1 July 2018
  • New rules for breeders who sell dogs and cats
  • Introduction of a State-wide database, called Dogs and Cats Online.

These new laws and rules will simplify dog registration process, make it easier to reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners, help identify and put a stop to puppy farms and reduce euthanasia rates.


From 1 July, owners must microchip their dogs and cats by 12 weeks of age or at the point of sale. Veterinarians may exempt an animal for medical reasons. Owners are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous discount microchipping days throughout the state. Visit for upcoming dates, locations and to make a booking. Alternatively, contact your local vet.


Dogs and cats born after the 1 July 2018 must be desexed by 6 months of age or 28 days after purchase by the owner (whichever is the later). Working livestock dogs as well as dogs and cats owned by registered breeders will be exempt from the requirement to desex, however will still need to be microchipped.


People who breed dogs and cats for sale after 1 July 2018 must register with the Dog and Cat Management Board as a breeder. Your breeder registration number must be included in all advertisements for a dogs and cats. There are new requirements to disclose the breeder registration number and other information to the buyer at the point of sale. All breeders are required to follow the new industry standards and guidelines.

Dogs and Cats Online

From 1 July 2018, Dogs and Cats Online will be the central database for microchipped and registered dogs and cats and registration payments. Dogs and Cats Online will also be the register of breeders.

Existing dog owners should receive a renewal notice in the mail during July 2018 with their dog’s new lifetime registration disc (replacing the annual disc) and instructions on how to complete their annual dog registration on Dog and Cats Online. If you do not receive a renewal notice for your dog, please contact council.

Responsible Dog Ownership
Dog Leashing

Keeping of Dogs
Dog Fines
Complaint Forms
Citronella Collar Hire
Dog and Cat Management Board 
Impounded Dogs

 Responsible Dog Ownership

Council strongly encourages responsible dog ownership.

This includes:

  • Registration
  • Wearing of collars and disks
  • Not allowing dogs to wander at large or be a nuisance (barking or otherwise)
  • Not allowing dogs to attack, chase or harass people or other animals
  • Picking up and properly disposing of their dogs 'droppings'
 Dog Leashing

All dogs in public places in City of Prospect must be held on a leash not more than 2 metres long. Public places include streets, roads, parks, reserves, ovals and any part of private land to which the public has access, such as shopping centre car parks.

City of Prospect has a dedicated fenced dog park located at Broadview Oval where dogs can be exercised and socialised in the safety of an enclosure.

There are also several parks dogs can be exercised off leash within City of Prospect between certain times. Be sure to check the signs at parks before unleashing your dog.

Dogs can be exercised off -leash between the times of 5-8am and 5-9pm at the following locations:

  • Broadview Oval - 26 Collingrove Avenue, Broadview
  • Prospect Gardens/ Narnu Wirra Reserve (west side lawn area) - West Terrace, Nailsworth
  • Pash Reserve - 31-33 Derlanger Avenue, Collinswood
  • Percy Street Reserve - 65 Percy Street, Prospect
  • Memorial Gardens - 1 Menzies Crescent, Prospect
  • St Helens Park - 39 Prospect Road, Prospect
  • Prospect Estate - 286 Prospect Road, Prospect
  • Irish Harp Reserve - 350 Regency Road, Prospect
  • Cane Oval/Parndo Yerta - 104-120 Churchill Road, Prospect

For further information and maps indicating areas where dogs may be exercised off-leash at certain times please read the following brochure:
Exercising Your Dog in the City of Prospect Exercising Your Dog in the City of Prospect(275 kb)

 Keeping of Dogs

Council permission is required to keep more than two dogs on a house property or one dog in a flat, townhouse or unit. Download an application form:
Dogs - Keeping More Than Two Application Dogs - Keeping More Than Two Application(56 kb)

 Dog Fines

On-the-spot fines for a range of offences may be issued to dog owners who are not exercising responsible ownership.

 Complaint Forms (dogs)

Dog Barking Complaint Dog%20Barking%20Complaint (104 kb)

Dog Attack Complaint Dog Attack Complaint(110 kb)

 Citronella Collar Hire

If you would like to hire a Citronella Collar please complete the following form:

Citronella Collar Hire Form(185 kb)

 Dog and Cat Management Board

The Dog and Cat Management Board is subject to the control and direction of the Minister for Environment and Heritage and has the following functions:

(a) to plan for, promote, and provide advice about the effective management of dogs and cats throughout South Australia;

(b) to oversee the administration and enforcement of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 relating to dogs.

The legislation and other useful information (including School Project information) relating to dogs and cats is available from the Dog and Cat Management Board website.

 Impounded Dogs

Dogs recently seized by Council Animal Management Officers are impounded at the Animal Welfare League (AWL), 1-19 Cormack Road, Wingfield, (telephone: 8348 1300).

Dogs not claimed within 72 hours may be disposed of by the AWL.

Upon release of the dog, you will be required to pay the AWL a daily maintenance fee.

Council may also recover from dog owners the impounding fee and issue offence expiation notices for dogs found wandering at large and/or unregistered. 

Council displays a copy of impounded dogs within the last 72 hours at the Civic Centre display board at 128 Prospect Road, Prospect. Please check this board regularly and contact our office on telephone 8269 5355 during business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for any further enquiries.

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