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Dog Registration

The Council has set the maximum dog registration fee for its area at $70.00. All income from dog registrations and expiations fees received by Councils is dedicated to animal management.

Dogs must be registered by 31 August each year. Any dog unregistered from 1 September will be subject to a late payment fee in addition to the renewal fee applicable. An $80 fine applies for keeping an unregistered dog.

You can make your Dog Renewal Payment Online


Rebates apply in the following circumstances:

  • Dog has been desexed
  • Dog has been microchipped
  • Dog has been obedience trained


Concessions apply in the following circumstances:

  • Owner is receiving a pension, repatriation, sickness or special benefit.
  • Owner is a self-funded retiree, receiving Austudy or Abstudy or is unemployed.

Evidence must be provided to claim any rebates or concessions.

Acceptable evidence can include:

  • A desexing certificate from a veterinary surgeon indicating that the particular dog has been desexed.
  • A microchip registration certificate showing current registration details. These can be obtained from the registry holding the details of the dog's microchip.
  • Written certification from a South Australian Canine Association affiliated club certifying that the dog has passed various specified exercises, all of which are done on a lead.

Enduring concessions:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Repatriation Health Card
  • Sickness or special Benefit Senior Card

Presentation of this card is required once only to receive a 50% rebate on dog registration.

Temporary concessions:

  • Self Funded Retiree Senior Card
  • Austudy or Abstudy Health Card
  • Newstart or Unemployed Health Card

Presentation of this card is required each year to receive a 50% rebate on dog registration.

Fee Reference Chart
















Obedience Trained





Microchipped & Trained





Transferring From Another Council Area

When moving from another Council area into the Prospect area a current dog registration may be transferred for $5.00.

Replacement Tag

If your registration tag becomes lost or damaged, a replacement disc is available from Council for $5.00.

New Dog Registrations

It is required by law that all dogs are to be registered at the age of three months. If your dog is kept at an address in the Prospect Council area, then you must register your dog at this Council. As the person responsible for your dog (registered owner) you must be at least 16 years of age.

Dog registration forms are available from Council Offices or downloadable from Related Resources, to the right of the screen.

Fees for puppies under three months of age at 1 January will be half of the respective fees shown above.

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