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Prospect Magazine

Prospect Magazine is published four times a year and delivered to the doors of over 9,500 properties and 22,000 people located right across City of Prospect.

It covers stories on arts, events, environment, business, community, youth issues, active living, Mayor and Council, gardening, food, the library, and there’s always lots to see and do in the social pics and what’s on pages

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Advertising in the magazine is a low-cost and highly effective way to reach local residents and businesses to let them know what your business has to offer.

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Your Prospect #002 cover  

Your Prospect #002(4118 kb)

Making Connections: Men's Shed project
Your New Councillors
12 Wastes of Christmas
Spring Fair Photos

Your Prospect #001 cover image  

Your Prospect - #001(3857 kb)

Treat Lightly at Prospect Spring Fair
Council Elections
What's On? 
Citizen of the Year nominations

Winter 2018 cover

Prospect Magazine - Winter 2018(3426 kb)

New Dog Laws
Kindergym Comes Home
Council Elections
Update on the CLIC

Autumn 2018

Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2018(6470 kb)

Local Heroes
Development Plan Changes
CLIC Commencing

Prospect Magazine - Summer 2017  
Prospect Magazine - Summer 2017(5062 kb)

Twilight Sessions Program
Prospect Podcasts
Our Spring Fair

2018 Tourrific Prospect Lift Out(952 kb)

Prospect Magazine - Spring 2017  
Prospect Magazine - Spring 2017(5202 kb)

Two Names for our Parks
Spring Fair at Broadview Oval
A Snapshot of our City
Prospect's Urban Design Awards

Prospect Magazine - Winter 2017 - Cover image  
Prospect Magazine - Winter 2017(4654 kb)

Reconciliation Week Play 'Wonggayerlo'
Dog and Cat Laws
New Business Hub
Prospect Portrait Prize

Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2017  
Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2017(8570 kb)

Things To Do in City of Prospect - Lift Out
Autumn Garden Maintenance
Super Fast WiFi
Digital Hub

Prospect Magazine - Summer 2016  
Prospect Magazine - Summer 2016(6662 kb)

Join the Party at Tourrific
8 Nights of Summer
On the Shelf
What's On

Prospect Magazine Spring 2016  
Prospect Magazine Spring 2016(6172 kb)

Food & Art Trail
Anime Go!
Win a $5000 office fit out
What's On

*Note: The Spring 2016 edition of Prospect Magazine incorrectly stated that nominations for Citizen of the Year awards close 30 September. The correct date is 18 November 2016.

Prospect Magazine Winter 2016(4479 kb)

See you at the Movies
Expand your Business
Your Digital Hub
Meet your Channel 44

Cover image Magazine Autumn 2015  
Prospect Magazine Autumn 2016(11447 kb)

Kids in Playspace
2016 Gallery Calendar revealed
Kids Lift Out
Network Prospect


Prospect Magazine Summer 2015 cover  

Prospect Magazine Summer 2015(8424 kb)

Future of Main North Road
Tourrific Prospect Pull-Out
Shop Local - Xmas Gift Ideas


Prospect Magazine Spring 2015(5502 kb)

Prospect Farmers Market
Pawfect Prospect Winner
Ukulele Challenge
Business is Booming


 Prospect Magazine Winter 2015  

Prospect Magazine Winter 2015(4588 kb)

Chops is #1
Budget Focus
Business Matters
Planning Reform

Cover image Magazine Autumn 2015  
 Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2015(4095 kb)

A Tourrific Fourth Year
We will remember them
2015 Prospect Fair
OOTS brings theatre to Prospect


  Cover image Magazine Summer 2014
 Number 52 Summer 2014(4179 kb)

Your Community, Your New Council
Tourrific Prospect Lights Up
Broadview Oval Master Plan
Arts on Show


Includes new ward structure, how to vote, and electoral profiles from: 

- Mayoral candidate
- North Ward candidates
- West Ward candidates
- Central Ward candidates
- East Ward candidates

Number 50 Spring 2014

Cricket Season comes sailing into view
Budget Adoption
Social Programs
Our Environment

Number 49 Winter 2014

Lacrosse and Soccer at Parndo Yerta
Prospect Farmers Market
Enrol to Vote 
Youth Programs

*Note: The home delivered Winter 2014 edition of Prospect Magazine includes a typo on the front page. Cr Groote’s mobile number is also incorrectly printed under his column on page 10 (the correct number is included in the last paragraph of his article). 

The digital copy of the magazine has corrected both of these issues. Council apologises to those involved for any inconvenience caused. 

Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2014  
Number 48 Autumn 2014

Show Your True Colours
Street Trees
Australia Day Awards
Things To Do Around Prospect 


Number 47 Summer 2013

Prospect's Tourrific Businesses
Finding the Third Place
Farmers' Market is buzzing
Waste Not, Want Not

Spring 2013 Magazine  
Number 46 Spring 2013

The Great Debate
Dads Read Too
Think Design Deliver
Veggie Verges 


*Note: On page 12, under the 'Growing Veggies in Your Verge' article, a misprint has occurred stating that “Council will provide soil, mulch and seedlings for the area.”  This is incorrect and Council will only be providing new soil for verge gardens. However Council will provide soil, mulch and seedlings as part of the 'Adopt a Traffic Control Device' initiative.

Number 45 Winter 2013

Digital Hub Up To Speed
The ERA We Live In
Discounted Cloth Nappy Trial
Guthries Blows Away Winter Blues 

Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2013  
Number 44 Autumn 2013

Spotlight on a Volunteer
Tourrific Success
Citizens Awards 


Prospect Magazine Summer 2012 Cover  
Number 43 Summer 2012

Tourrific Prospect Rolls Around
Prospect Fair 2013
One Card, More Choice
Barker Gardens: In Focus

Number 42 Spring 2012

Relax and Play
'One Card' Network
Annual Business Plan Highlights
Prospect Digital Hub

Prospect Magazine - Winter 2012 image  
Number 41 Winter 2012

Fun at the Fair
'One Card' Network
Youth Fitness Fun
Protecting our Heritage

Prospect Magazine - Autumn 2012 image

Number 40 Autumn 2012

Maintaining our City
Prospect Fair
Prospect Portrait Prize
Realising the Vision


Prospect Magazine - Summer 2011 image  
Number 39 Summer 2011 

Tourrific Prospect
NBN Rollout Expansion
Events that Shape Our Community
Toy Library celebrates 30 Years

Prospect Magazine - Spring 2011 image  
Number 38 Spring 2011

Mastering Three Masterplans
Prospect Portrait Prize Draws Near
Tourrific Prospect Gathers Momentum
Vale Frank Stock

Winter 2011 Magazine cover  
Number 37 Winter 2011

Urban Development Forging Ahead
PULSE Art Installations
'Things To Do' program
Volunteer Recognition Night
Car parking in the Village Heart

Autumn 2011 cover  
Number 36 Autumn 2011

Australia Day Celebrations
Prospect Road Upgrades
Prospect Fair
Recycling Plastic Lids
Cyclist Infrastructure on Churchill Rd

Prospect Magazine Summer 2010 cover  
Number 35 Summer 2010

Prospect Road Affair - Corporate Partnership
Beating Heart Begins
Teen Life Coaching
From the CEO's Desk

Election Magazine Cover  
Special Edition - Election 2010
Sping 2010 cover  
Number 33 Spring 2010

A Poultry Investment
Farewell to Rod Smart
Spring Calendar
Council Budget Approval
NBN Rollout

Prospect Magazine Winter 2010 cover    
Number 32 Winter 2010

Creative Community
Prospect Kitchen
Winter Calendar
Annual Business Plan 2010-2011
From the Mayor
Your Councillors
Local Business Focus

CC Autumn 2010  
Number 31 Autumn 2010

Future Prospects
Prospect InDaily
Prospect Fair
Your stories, your environment
Crossing Churchill Road
Elected Members
Cibo Espresso Galleria

CC Summer 2009  
Number 30 Summer 2009

Creative Mums Work at Home
Essential Youth
Reduce Landfill
Prospect Master Plan
Words from your Councillors
Prospect Road Fashion Food & Wine Affair

cc Sping 09    
Number 29 Spring 2009

Refugee Day 2009
Living Library
Youth live to air
Landmark project
Bicycle lanes
Pedal Power
Plant me instead
Budget 2009/2010
Home assist
Small business milestone
International award for local business

CC December 2008 - Summer  
Number 28 Winter 2009

Youth Week in Prospect
Fuse Mentoring Program
Making solar power simple
Draft Annual Business Plan 2009-10
Your street, your city
Australian birds in Prospect
Living libraries
Prospect Portrait Prize 2009

CC September 2008 - Spring  
Number 27 Autumn 2009

Keeping our community safe
Traffic management
Australia Day Awards 2009
New community bus service
Rebates for energy efficient products
Recycle right
Sustainable Homes
Community Heritage Grant
Living libraries
Prospect's 15th Community Show

CC December 2008 - Summer  
December 2008 - Summer

Wiggles Invade Prospect
Grown in Prospect
City of Prospect Key Financial Indicators
City of Prospect Strategic Plan 2008-2011
Prospect Road Fashion, Food & Wine Affair
Water Restrictions
Elected Members Views
Book Review
Prospect Gallery
Calendar of Events

CC September 2008 - Spring  
September 2008 - Spring

Business Awards
Budget Highlights
Annual Business Plan 2008 - 2009
Prospect Street Trees
Hard Waste Collection
Elected Members Views
Prospect Road Fashion, Food & Wine Affair
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery
Calendar of Events

CC June 2008 - Winter  
June 2008 - Winter

Draft Strategic Plan 2008 - 11
Traffic Management Plan
Community Grants
Quake Ready
History Week
Youth Week
Elected Members Views
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery
Calendar of Events

CC March 2008 - Autumn  
March 2008 - Autumn

Australia Day in Prospect
Traffic Management
Storm water disposal
Neighbourhood fencing
Household impact on the environment
5th Prospect Portrait Prize
Carols in the Park
Twilight Concerts
Elected Members Views
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery
Calendar of Events

CC Summer 2007  
December 2007 - Summer

Twilight Concerts
New oil recycling facilities
Treescape regeneration plan
Local Government traffic management
Kerb and guttering program
Prospect timeline
World water polo championships
Elected Members' View
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Spring 2007  
September 2007 - Spring

Community Grants
Prospect Road Fashion, Food & Wine Affair
Responsible dog ownership
Local traffic management review
Reducing emissions
Adopted budget 2007/08
National Volunteer Week
Oral History Program
Elected Members' Views
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Winter 2007  
June 2007 - Winter

Local history book launch
Urban Animal Management Plan
Water Conservation Incentive Scheme
Traffic Management
Draft Annual Business Plan 07/08
Rosary School
Prospect Family History Group
Elected Members' Views
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Autumn 2007  
March 2007 - Autumn

Saving water
Asset Management Plan 2006/07
Elected Members' Views
Recycling opportunities
250 Churchill Road Draft Plan
Traffic Management
Australia Day Awards
Prospect Library
History in Prospect
Prospect Fair
Made in Prospect Community Show

CC Autumn 2006  
March 2006 - Autumn

250 Churchill Road
Elected Members' Views
Civic Centre Fire
Saving water in our parks
Prospect Neighbourhood Watch goes online
Prospect Fair
Australia Day Awards
Prospect Library
Prospect's own ghost story
Prospect Gallery

CC Winter 2006  
June 2006 - Winter

Draft Budget 2006/07
Elected Members' Views
Civic Centre fire re-build
Hazardous waste collection
Kintore Road reconstruction upgrade
Power-lines go underground
Lost dogs
Watch this space art exhibition
Prospect Oval history
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Spring 2006  
September 2006 - Spring

Civic Centre re-build
Planning policy amendments
Elected Members' Views
2006 Residents' Survey
Road Reconstruction Program 2006/07
Budget 2006/07
Rebate Scheme for rainwater tanks
Nominations for Council
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Election Issue Oct 2006  
October 2006 - Election Issue
CC Summer 2006  
December 2006 - Summer

Asset Management Program
Truck upgrade
Elected Members' Views
Community Engagement Survey
New Street Sweeper
Dogs off-leash areas
Environmental Action Plan
Elected Members online
Local History in Prospect
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Spring 2005  
September 2005 - Spring

250 Churchill Road Redevelopment
Elected Members' Views
Charles Cane Reserve - Parndo Yerta
Prospect Upmarket Street Fair
Your rates at work
Prospect 2005/06 Budget
Homework Tutoring Project
Bus stop 10, Prospect Road
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Summer 2005  
December 2005 - Summer

Strategic Directions 2004/2007
Elected Members' Views
Carols in the Park
Civic Trust Award
WT Smith Reserve upgrade
Green motor for Green team
City Services at work
Eco-friendly and DIY projects
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Winter 2005  
June 2005 - Winter

2005/2006 Draft budget
Prospect's Master Plan
Elected Members' Views
Native plants in Prospect
Solar house day
Financial sustainability review
National youth week
Harmony day
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Autumn 2005  
March 2005 - Autumn

New bike lanes
Road Management Plan
Elected Members' Views
Native plants in Prospect
Solar House Day
Financial Sustainability Review
National Youth Week
Harmony Day
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Summer 2004  
December 2004 - Summer

Balfour Street reconstruction
Cedar trees
Footpath upgrades
Elected Members' Views
Pollution prevention
Tips for builders
Environment Seminars
Street trees
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Spring 2004  
September 2004 - Spring

Safe routes to school
Chemical Disposal Day
Elected Members' Views
National Tree Planting Day
Bike plan released
2004/05 Budget
Sorry Day statements
Online Business Directory
Dog registrations - reviewed
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Winter 2004  
June 2004 - Winter

Broadview Oval fitness trail
Cochrane Terrace Streetscape
Footpath Program 2004-2008
Elected Members' Views
Plastic bags - The issues
Civic Centre upgrade
Rates concessions
Youth Advisory Committee
Prospect Men's Shed opening
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery

CC Autumn 2004  
March 2004 - Autumn

Road maintenance works
Road rules
Australia Day Awards
Elected Members' Views
Water Conservation Scheme
Environmental grants
Reducing global warming
Public forum - rates
2002/2003 Annual Report
Prospect Library
Prospect Gallery




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