Proposed Annual Business Plan and Budget 2019-2020

Council’s draft Annual Business Plan for 2019-2020 has been developed as a staged approach to achieve our Strategic Plan to 2020 and Long Term Financial Plan 2020-2029.

The draft Plan has been reviewed by key Council staff and Elected Members to achieve and maintain financial sustainability whilst providing great service to our growing community and is now open for community comment.


Highlights of the Budget

Whilst the focus will be to continue to implement Council’s annual asset renewal program (roads, footpaths, kerb and gutters, stormwater), the 2019-2020 Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget includes the following major investments:-

Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC)

The Draft Annual Business Plan 2019-2020 also includes funding for completing the construction of the new facility on Prospect Road for the co-location of Council’s operations. The project is a once in a lifetime project that began following Council’s need to find a replacement for the current Thomas Street Centre, which is due to the Department for Education reclaiming the use of the property at the end of 2019 to accommodate increased student numbers at the Nailsworth Primary School.  The new centre will be home to many of Council’s services and will ensure a new facility is operational prior to the expiry of the current lease for the use of the library. More information about the project can be found at

George Whittle Reserve Development

The development of George Whittle Reserve will see the park transformed to include new and upgraded facilities.  The capital investment of this project is $1.2m, with 50% of the cost offset through externally sourced grant funding.  This is a 2-year project, with the opening of the new facility scheduled for August 2019. More information about the project can be found at

Public Amenity Upgrades

In addition to Council’s normal renewal works derived from the Infrastructure Asset Management Plans, Council is undertaking a number of projects in the 2019-2020 budget to upgrade general public amenity. These projects include:

  • Installation of trees in the median on Main North Road;
  • Upgrade of footpath and landscape on Devonport Terrace;
  • Continuation of the Churchill Road masterplan between Gurr Street and Livingston Avenue;
  • Upgrades of the footpaths and landscaping at the intersection of North East Road and Cassie Street.


Financial Overview

The budget proposes an Operating Deficit of approximately $376,706 with the total estimated operating expenditure for the year being $24.8m. Income received from external grants from the State and Federal Government is $1.7m and other non‐rate sources are $1.7m.  This leaves a total of 86% or $21.0m to be raised through general rates.

An average residential rate increase of 2.75% is proposed, a modest increase reflecting the increase in Local Government Price Index of 2.7% (December 2018).



Council encourages you to read the draft Plan and note the service and investment activities it funds in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the Council for the benefit of the whole community. Please note our core objective of maintaining the high level of local amenity and services our citizen’s expect and enjoy, as well as providing for a safe, healthy and financially responsible future.

We want to hear your priorities, opinions and suggestions on the Annual Business Plan and Budget.  The plan will form the Council’s roadmap for the services delivered and activities undertaken over the coming 12 months.

Draft Annual Business Plan 2019-2020 for Community Consultation

Draft Rating Policy 2019-2020

You can also view the Draft Annual Business Plan 2019-2020 and provide your written submission at the Prospect Library, 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth.

Or, take the online survey here:

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Focus Group

Register your interest to be invited to participate within a focus group that will provide input to the development of the draft Annual Business Plan. Join one of two available sessions.

Session 1: Wednesday 22 May  2:00pm – 4:00pm
Session 2: Wednesday 22 May  7:00pm – 9:00pm

A total of eight residents will be invited to participate within each Focus Group. Each participant will receive a $60 payment for their attendance.  The final composition will be influenced by the desire to achieve a balance of gender, age and previous participation.

Sessions will be held at the Thomas Street Centre, 1 Thomas Street Nailsworth. Registration of interest for the focus groups has been extended to Sunday 19 May 2019.

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Written submissions will be accepted until 12:00pm Wednesday 29 May 2019.

You are also invited to drop in to the Public Meeting on Tuesday 28 May 2019, between 5:30pm and 7:00pm at the Nailsworth Community Hall, 31 D’Erlanger Avenue, Nailsworth.

All community feedback captured from the Public Meeting, together with the written and online submissions, will be presented to Council in June 2019.


To find out more, contact Manager Financial Services on 8269 5355 or email