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1001 Books Before School program

The 1001 Books Before School initiative aims to encourage families to participate in shared reading experiences before children start school.

Reading aloud with your child has proven to be one of the most valuable activities you can do to set your child up for success and to encourage them to have a love of reading for life.

What better way to start them out on the right path than by reading 1001 books to, and with them, before they go to school?

Can you complete the challenge?


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read the same book more than once to my child?
Yes, you can read the same books as many times as your child requests it to be read to them.

My child likes to read the same book over and over again. How do I count that?
Repetition is important for learning. You mark or colour in a square in your reading record every time you read a book. If you read the same book 10 times, you mark or colour in 10 squares.

Do I need to write the titles of the books in the squares in the passport?
You can write the title of the book if you would like to keep a record of the books you read to your child, otherwise you can colour in the square or use a tick or cross to mark the square.

Can I use one passport for all my children as I usually read to them all at the same time?
We would prefer you to have one passport for each child to save any confusion. Each child will then receive a small incentive prize at each milestone they reach.

What is the final prize for completing the program?
Every child will receive a book and a certificate on completion of the program.

What if my child starts school before completing the program?
You have until the end of term 1 of the year your child starts school to complete the program.

What if my child starts school and hasn’t finished the program?
You have until the end of term one of the year your child starts school to finish your reading.

Do the books read have to be library books?
No, any book that is read can be recorded.

Can I count books that are read to my child by others or at programs like Storytime?
Every book that your child completes or actively listens to counts – this includes stories read at Storytime sessions, day care, playgroup and kindergarten, and by all family members, as well as reading the same book over again.

Come in to Prospect Library to register, or phone 8342 8170 for more information.


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